How You Can Make The Most Of These Ten Excellent Tools For Remote Working

These days, it is even much easier to work remotely, instead of attending the office. 

Working remotely is becoming a common lifestyle that everyone is easier to deal with. Working from home is the most convenient way of working that saves much time, energy, and money. 

But, it requires a high level of discipline and the right tools to collaborate simply with other members of the teamwork. 

Find out the ten best tools to work remotely to support your business, and get ready to enter the new way of building a career triumphantly.

Top Reasons why Choosing These Tools For Remote Working

Remote working needs more than just a laptop and an internet connection. 

The flexibility of location and working hours require the right tools to increase the productivity of each team member, in which those tools shouldn’t be complicated to operate. 

Those tools are available in the form of software, that allows members to communicate easily through video chat applications, messages, cloud storage, systems for managing projects, tasks, and reports. 

Among those favorite tools for remote working include: 

1. Zoom

This application has been in business for years. But, its population is increasing worldwide in 2020.  

Its simple features allow several people to have an online conference, in which each of them has the chance to communicate with each other through live chat, share screen, and other common things to do during an offline meeting. 

The host can even send an invitation several days before. This application is available for several choices. 

There are free and paid features, in which the free feature only allows a meeting that doesn’t take more than 45 minutes. 

The best feature of Zoom that its competitors don’t have is the team collaboration conference rooms. 

This application also syncs with the 10to8 application, so users can simply make an online video appointment schedule.

2. Google Drive

Who would doubt the domination of Google? Its search engine rules and its integration with Android smartphones are beyond compare. 

Google also allows its users to handle meetings by using several platforms. One of them is Google Drive. This is the most convenient storage for everyone. 

Yes, we can say everyone, because Google users have reached almost the same numbers of the world population. 

Google Drive has free 15GB storage, though users can add the capacity by only a small amount of payment. 

Users of Google Drive don’t only store their documents, videos, photos, but also share them with other users to read-only or even edited them. 

Users of Google Drive also usually use Google Meet for their meeting platform. But, features of Google Drive can be used easily, even without the use of Google Meet. 

What makes Google Drive convenient is the shared documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations can be edited right away. Google Drive wins as the safest storage for any kind of document. 

3. Trello

This is a free application for users who need the simplest tool for project management, Team collaboration is made easy with cloud storage. 

Users can also simply move tasks with the drag and drop features. Users can easily share tasks, and delegate each member with different color cod boards. 

By using Trello, every user can check the due dates for their tasks. This application also allows simple file attachments by uploading them from anywhere. 

It is also very easy for inviting new members at any time. However, this application may only be applicable for a small business scale. 

4. I Done This

As the name implies, this tool is very applicable for working remotely. This task allows users to check out the progress of tasks by every member. 

Members can stay on track with each of their tasks so that every member can manage the team in the simplest and the fastest way. 

This application is easily accessible by browser, in which members can either check their tasks. But, members can also use their personal emails. 

The check-in tool is very simple and neat for members to check off every accomplished task. Many users claimed that this tool is highly dependable, as it can support their productivity.

5. PukkaTeam

This application can allow users to check out others’ availability. At a glance, this feature is almost similar to WhatsApp, in which each user can notice whether others are online or not. 

This is basically good for remote working that involves members from any place, without any limitation. This application allows users to call or chat with each other at any time. 

6. Virtual Office

This is the coolest tool for working online, particularly for those who use Zoom meetings. 

It is the background of a virtual office that users can use, so that others may see them like sitting in an office. 

It is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid others in seeing people walking around behind the scene. 

7. Krisp

It is a beneficial tool for eliminating the noise background. It is perfect for teaching, presenting reports, and also other kinds of conference calls. 

8. Team Viewer

By using this application, each user can access others’ files through the same application. 

Of course, it applies when users get the login details. This is perfect for group working and studying. 

The best thing about this tool is the ability for users to access files on their office computers when they need to download some files. 

9. 10to8

This tool can integrate with common platforms like Google, Exchange, and Outlook. 

This is also the best tool to handle remote teams for having weekly or daily meetings. It integrates with Zoom, so users can share the diary right away. 

10. Soapbox

The application is good for meetings, in which the team members can collaborate on several important tasks like making assignments, sharing agendas and feedback, as well as having conversations. 

All of those 10 best tools to work remotely will help anyone, who needs to work at home. 

They don’t have to feel isolated, even if they don’t meet each other face to face. Those tools can represent their existence and productivity at the same time. 

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