How to practice the miracle of Positive Thinking practically

In this article, I will explain five tips on how to practice positive thinking in a practical way, if you can implement it in your daily life, it will bring change in your future. Some simple tips but with good results.

The first thing is don’t dwell merely on your present situation.

your thought process is in your hands, You really are perfectly conscious of what you are thinking, all you have to do is change the nature of this thought process. 

You can very well use language like this in the present situation that here is a chance for me to grow from within, here’s a chance for me to learn something new, to explore myself fully.

So that is the language you can use instead of brooding over something, instead of regretting and repenting over something, Use positive language in your mind. This is the first practical tip.

Think only of what your life should be and not what your present circumstances are.

Please remember, because life does not create thoughts. Thoughts create life.

If you are thinking positively continuously, your life will be positive. But if you have shifted to, something else, then you never know what your life would be like.

Please remember this and I repeated, your thoughts create your life, Your life does not create your thoughts

You are primarily an embodied mind this cognitive capacity in the human being, that is the creative development, born out of the laws of evolution, you must use it properly.

Isn’t it so conditioned to work in this way that my thoughts will actually call my life, your thoughts, actually create your life? 

So you have a new power to create the kind of life you want, depending on your thoughts.

The third important tip is, whatever you give energy to that you will attract into your life.

So if you are giving energy to your worries and fears, there will be this tendency to live off your full worrisome life, you will attract such experiences towards you.

You will remain in negative states of mind because you are giving them energy through your negativity. So get rid of this completely by constantly affirming positivity, by saying to yourself, I have no fear.

I am a child of God, I am a spark of the infinite. How can I have fear, everything is positive in my life. Everything will be well with me.

For God is with me, my mind is what we want can stand against me.

If you radiate it and you affirm this positivity continuously to your mind, you are giving energy to positive thoughts, only positive experiences will come into your life. 

Please practice this, this has to be practiced on, because then you will be energizing that, and although you don’t want to experience it by energizing it, you activated it. So, take care of this.

Constantly keep a check on your mind, and keep affirming positive statements in your mind and you will see the very experience of life will change.

Suppose you have to go somewhere to serve somebody if your mind is in doubt, should I go in the midst of this problem and do this job.

But if you say to yourself, All will be well. Everything will be well.

I’ve tried this out myself, it works, magically, it will be well, because your entire system will follow your thought process. So practice the sensing, this is really like magic.

The fourth practical tip which I would like to give you is, you are not going to become what others believe you to be.

You will only become what you believe yourself to be. 

So don’t give the reins in somebody’s hands foolishly because they don’t belong there, only what you believe about yourself, will become your reality.

You will manifest that and what others believe about you will come and attain goals, which will change. But what you believe yourself to be that way. That is the fact about you, and that is all you need for your success in life.

So always have faith, create faith in yourself, why because I used to insist upon this absolutely, he’s an atheist. He would say, who has no faith in himself, not who has no faith in God, but who has no faith in himself.

So believe in your own everyday form your own great destiny, your own great future. Imagine it.

Think about it, dwell on it, and affirm it through thought and work constantly, and you will achieve it. This is the simple thing, And then if you radiate this positivity The next step is anything negative standing on your path will be just blown away.

If you practice this positive thinking, just like how to say you are walking on a road. If there’s a rock, you will just kick the rock aside, isn’t it, if you’re very goal-oriented.

So, if you have practice this positive thinking, it will give you goal orientation and remove any negativity from your life. This is the miracle of positive thinking.

And the last tip for practice positive thingking is

Please remember this sentence,

Your life is only 10% of What happens to you, and 90% of how you react to what happens to you, only 10% of your circumstances, whatever is happening in your surroundings are going to matter, the rest is all your reaction.

So if your reaction is positive, very mature, and very stable, because you’re stable within yourself, you will have a wonderful experience of life. That is what life is meant for.

It must be a fulfilling completely, fulfilling experience and this is possible only through the miracle of positive thinking.

Please see the life of great achievers, you will find their mindset was like this completely different, completely positive. How do we practice forming this positivity?

Let me tell you a story here.

This is a real-life story, It is about two boys who grew up in a slump, And these two boys I often tell this story, just to demonstrate that, what is it that actually builds a great life.

These two boys who were growing up in a slump were very young. The younger one was five years old.

They were brothers, the older one was seven years, and the mother had left them, and the father was a drunkard.

So they actually had no means for education, and sometimes even no food at home.

This was the condition and the father would come at night, drunk, and batter them, and so these two boys were in a very pathetic state.

But the younger boy had great grit in him, He thought

“I want to get out of this, I don’t want to live such a life, I don’t want to live in the slump forever”.

He deliberately went and got enrolled himself in the slump school and began his education, He concentrated on his goals because he envisioned a great life.

He repeatedly thought about it, about what he wanted to become not what he wasn’t, and where he wanted to go.

He became a very bright student then further on he went, he got a scholarship after he finishes school.

Then he completed his MBA, he went to the US, and finally, by the age of 30, he became the CEO of a huge company and a millionaire. This is his success story became very famous because he, he had come from the direct circumstances.

And yet, such a fabulous success that he started helping young struggling boys in the Mumbai slump, and then one famous magazine covered his entire story.

when they interviewed him they asked him.

“Sir, can you tell us, what made you become what you have become?”

This boy said that

“it was my positive focus, I knew what I wanted to be, and what else would want to become with a father like those surroundings like that, naturally it will want you to overcome all the negative influences around you”.

This was his expression, and the same magazine also interviewed his elder brother, who was still in the same slump, leading the same kind of life, following in the footsteps of his father, and when they asked him, so why did you become what you have become.

Can you imagine he gave the same answer he said what would one become with circumstances like this, with a father like this?

See the difference same circumstances same surrounding the same family. Yet one is such a shining star. 

Such an asset and the other one has not made anything of himself, just because he never thought of the good life thinking is all that matters.

That is why this creative capacity of the human mind has been bestowed upon this race, not raised the humankind species so that we evolved into our divine nature.

Through this thought mechanism, you can actually evolve in life or you can devolve, it all depends on how to handle it.

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