10 Challenges to Improve Mental Strength and Happiness

Maintaining mental health is good for your well-being. However, it can be hard for those who never practice. Being weak both mental and emotional is bad in the long run for your overall health. 

If you are struggling to love yourself more, try these 10 challenges to improve mental strength and happiness.

1. Learn to Say NO

People with strong mental can confidently say NO to reject something they don’t like. If previously pleasing other people is your goal when doing something, it’s time for you to accept yourself and learn how to say NO.

When you are in a situation that requires you to refuse something, avoid using words that show you are guilty like “I’m afraid not”. 

Be honest with yourself and other people about what you cannot do at present. Try to say NO confidently and clearly so that people know about your true condition and feeling.

2. Set Your Goals

Setting goals is the habit of mentally strong people, even though it is as simple as having goals about what to do every day. Take the time after wake up and make some goals what to do in one day.

By knowing what to achieve and having dedicated time for every goal, this not only good for your mental strength but also can reduce stress. Besides, if you successfully achieve the goals, it will raise your confidence to be successful. 

Start by setting up realistic goals, focus, and never let anything disturb you to accomplish them.

3. Move from Your Past

Everyone might have had something unpleasant in the past, you might also do so. Sometimes when people made mistakes or run things badly in the past, those events are still stuck on their minds for years.

It’s okay to look back sometimes so that you can learn from what already happened. However, keep dwelling on the past is not good for your mental health. 

If you want to be happy, just take the lesson from the past and just leave the rest.

4. Improve Physical Health

Your physical health significantly affects your mental health because having a healthy body will support you to do many good things. 

Practice a good diet by consuming healthy foods and do regular exercise. Never skip meals and reduce junk food consumption.

Having proper nutrition intake and a healthier body is essential to strong mental health. Include specific times for exercise in your daily routines. 

Although when you only have 20 to 30 minutes a day to exercise, it is enough to maintain healthier physical and mental.

5. It’s OK to Make Mistake

You not always doing right in your life. It’s normal to make mistakes. Hence, anytime you make mistakes, just prove that you are wrong. 

This will help you to accept reality. Then, instead of making excuses for what happened, you had better getting to know what causes it.

By accepting and acknowledging the mistakes and what causes them, you can get the lesson and avoid repeating the mistakes in the future. Later, you face the same condition, you can do better.

So, proofing mistake is one of 10 challenges to improve your mental strength and happiness. Besides, it helps stop the brain from looking down on your potential.

6. Don’t Let Toxic People Control You

Without being realized we are often surrounded by toxic people. Even in our inner circle, like family, we can find a person who likes to criticize our decision and make fun of what we do. 

Since those people are close to you, it perhaps can be difficult for you to completely ignore them but you do can control them.

Never let their bad behavior drag you to be mentally down. You are the one that can allow them to make an impact on your life. 

If you cannot avoid them, you will hear everything that they say. However, just don’t put that in your heart and forget that soon.

7. Allocate Time for Family or Hobby

Improving yourself doesn’t mean that you need to stick with your works every time. 

Giving yourself time to enjoy something you love. It will be great if you use your spare time to do your hobby.

Allocate time to enjoy doing activities you like even though it is cycling around the city, reading books, or window shopping. 

Instead of doing the following tasks of your works, you can use the weekend to mingle with family members or hang out with your friends. This helps you to regain back your energy when you work the next day.

8. Don’t Do Things You Don’t Like

We come with our strengths and weaknesses and we do have something we like and dislike. No one will fit all things and do all the things perfectly. 

We might master several things but we also lack on the others. Don’t feel uncomfortable if you cannot do something as other people do.

There are types of people who like to get the spotlight by exposing too much about themselves, even their private life.

 If you don’t like it, never do that only to make other people notice you. You can do other things you like to make friends with more people.

9. Control Over Things You Can

Our minds are often busy thinking about what people think about us or react to us. This totally will waste your time and energy. 

You can’t make other people something based on your expectation. Hence, just focus on yourself and the things you want to do and don’t get distracted by other people surround you.

10. Always Be Grateful

Never compare your life with others and don’t take time for things you don’t have. Use your time to enjoy and be grateful for things you already have and what you can do. 

Always be thankful for simple things you can do in life because if you get used to it you can be happier.

Practicing 10 challenges to improve your mental strength and happiness help you learn how to love yourself more and become a happy person in life.

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