10 Spiritual Goals for Your Life That Must Set Today

People have various goals in their life such as money, wealth, healthy, authority, prosperity, and spirituality. 

When using money as the purpose, it is relatively easy to quantify such as how much you get this year. 

The situation is quite similar to the goal such as the power because you achieve a career or anything related to such thing. 

Perhaps, the unusual one is spiritual due to the most difficult to understand and to measure. You visit the church every day does not mean you already reach the highest of spirituality. 

It is a vague area and you must be careful when definite into the solid goal.

It does not mean the spiritual is not the proper goal for life. On the contrary, you can learn many things but this one seems to come naturally as part of humans. 

In general, you can start from emotional, mental, feeling, and mind. When feeling peaceful after doing the good things, that’s called spiritual achievement. 

It cannot be measure by any score or number unless you try to quantify the quality. The most important thing is this kind of goal seems to be more personal. 

In that case, you can use 10 spiritual goals for your life as a reference.

List of 10 Spiritual Goals for Your Life

The next list will explain some spiritual goals you try in your life.

1. Make peace with yourself

It starts from making peace with yourself as the starting point before entering a new step. This one is very critical due to the foundation of the spirit itself. 

Most people think religion is the source of so-called spiritual divinity. You find many beliefs and religions that offer the best way to get inner peace. 

The fact is you must rely on your own as the core of life. If you cannot stand and make decisions for yourself, implementing spiritual goals is useless.

2. Compassion

You must show compassion toward three things such as yourself, other people, and nonhumans. 

It sounds simple and easy to implement but most people maintain consistency.  Compassion is necessary when you set a spiritual goal.

3. Practice tolerance

The key to peace is tolerance and you must practice directly. Many people have their own thinking, belief, religion, opinion, even clothing. 

You are different from others even though living in the same area. Some of them are willing to express and share their views. On the contrary, the rest of them as a minority decide to keep on their own. 

Due to the difference, the conflict is inevitable, usually from the blind followers and the mistrust situation. 

As a spiritual goal, you practice tolerance regularly.

4. Religious devotion

It seems the common way to achieve your goal regarding spirituality is from religious devotion. Keep in that you must use mind and feeling to ensure you are not one of the blind followers. 

Such groups will act without thinking even though the action brings the bad sides. There is nothing wrong to follow a religious sect because brings a peaceful mind and heart as long as you pick on your own. 

After following the rite and activity, you feel unease. This sing is bad because the probability to achieve a spiritual goal is zero. 

It is time to start over and choose the one that brings more peace to your life.

5. Help other

One of the spiritual goals for your life is you help others in need. Compassion and empathy is the right path to be in this level. 

You give some things such as food, money, and anything to ease the difficulties that others have. In this case, you do without wishing in return.

6. Stay silent

The spiritual goal is not something you share with others, for example, is in social media. 

When you do such a thing, it is called a hypocrite because your act does not match your goal at all. 

In this case, everything about the goal must be kept on your own. Action speaks louder because people will see that you are a man of words.

7. Read more books

Knowing yourself is not enough due to the limitation and the risk is you become arrogant. 

To avoid such a thing, the goal must come from a valid reference. Reading more books seems to be the right choice to be on the proper path. 

You should start from books with content related to your spiritual journey.

8. Finding the guidance

Only a handful of people can make their own decision regarding the spiritual goal. 

Most of them rely on guidance from credible leaders. This one is quite similar to books but more practical and efficient. 

You just follow the order and the guidance will help to get your targets.

9. Let it go and move on

The goal does not have to be complex because the simple one is enough to reflex your spirituality. It is time you let go of anything that happens in the past. 

You cannot change anymore and the vent in your past becomes the memory for reminiscing in the future. Moving on is the right path and the major goal in the spiritual journey.

10. Spiritual awareness

The spiritual is difficult to measure although some experts try to make solid scale. One thing you will understand after achieving a spiritual goal is awareness. 

This one has a great deal in life. You turn into the better version of yourself but the journey is a long way. One goal has been achieved and the result will come.

A list of 10 spiritual goals for your life considers several aspects. They are not a bunch of purposes without the real implementation. 

In this case, you must understand that the goal is something you can get in this life. Moreover, consistency is necessary to ensure you do not give up until the end. 

It is a difficult thing to do because the goal is usually based on a personal statement without the real objective. The solution is you must be flexible regarding the goals. 

Some of them can be adjusted, edited, and customized along the way in order to understand the journey of spiritual awareness.

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