10 Self-Reflective Questions in Life for Personal Growth

Research showed that the brain in humans could not stop thinking until the end of life. Even though the body is resting and sleeping, you often feel tired even excited after getting up in the morning. 

You sit back and look around then many questions come into your mind. They are what are called self-reflective questions in life. 

You start asking questions about many things related to life, emotion, relationship, the future, your pet, religion, political system, even the color of the sky. 

Some of them can be answered based on experience and logical thinking. On the contrary, most of the key questions are left without the proper explanation.

The Purposes of Self-Reflective Questions in Life

• Personal growth

Personal growth seems to be the main goal why most people try to overcome and answer many questions as much as possible. It is being in the examination where you must find the solution to get a high mark. 

Of course, such a scene is just rhetorical as the right analogy for explaining the situation. 

After you enter the new path, there is always a question as to the sign that you obtain another portion of personal growth.

• Emotional maturity

With 10 self-reflective questions in life, you can have emotional maturity. The youngster will be the elderly after decades as part of natural older. 

However, you cannot expect that more years will make a person wiser and mature. Unless, he or she has experienced that changes the very life itself, there is nothing to expect. 

On the other side, maturity is not just from experience because the self-reflective questions in life can produce such a goal.

• Reminder and reminiscence

The question will include the event from the past. You have done many things since years ago but the result is not what you expect. 

In this situation, you start questioning everything from the beginning. It becomes the reminiscence as the token from the past. 

You cannot change anymore but all questions from your mind will be useful for a better future.

List of the Self-Reflective Questions in Life

In the following list, 10 self-reflective questions in life are presented. For your information, ten might not be enough but are eligible as starting points. 

You can expand and try others until you understand life and yourself.

1. Who am I?

The most common question in the top list is asking about yourself. Since ancient times, people try their best effort to get the right answer. 

The interesting aspect about this one is you will not find the single consensus stated as the correct explanation. After entering the quarter of life, this question starts to hit your mind.

2. Do you take the right path?

You often see the people are skilled even become professional in their job. Unfortunately, you do not know whether the path they take is the right one or not. 

Taking the first step is the most difficult decision that brings significant change. If the path is one way, you expect no return which means everything has to be ready from the beginning. 

Therefore, asking about the right path in your life is one of the self-reflective questions that must be answered.

3. What is your goal in this life?

The next question is what your goal is in this life. Some people pursue wealth and money. 

Others consider knowledge and technology. On the other side, you often find someone with just enough with the fulfillment of basic needs.

4. Why the sky is blue?

A list of self-reflective questions in life does not have to be serious, complex, and difficult. You cannot forget the surroundings such as grass, sky, water, air, trees, and animal. 

The question might sound simple such as why the sky has a blue color. You can answer with science but the person does not look for such an answer. He or she just tries to understand how life works so far until today.

5. How does it feel to be the cat?

Another question is how it feels to be the cat. Most people will laugh or just leave this one as a joke. 

You will get tons of responses and answers that are enough as references. The main goal is you want to know not to be yourself.

6. Are you happy?

You have money and no issue with your relationship. The question is whether you have happiness or not. 

Smiles and laughs are not the sign of joy. You stop for a moment and feel deep down insider your heart. Are you happy today?

7. What I have done until today?

Reminiscing the past is not a bad idea to understand what have you done lately even going further decades ago. 

This is the most self-reflective question at all because most people will avoid their past unless there is a good memory. You must be brave enough to do such a thing.

8. Is the god real?

The ancient question in this list is you ask about the god. It is a little bit tricky because the answer is yes or no. 

Each must have a solid explanation and the most important thing is you cannot force your opinion onto others. It is a matter of self-reflective to understand your life.

9. Is there any afterlife

Usually, the question about the god will come with the next interesting one. You ask about the afterlife after you are no longer in this life. 

The answer becomes the reference to how you navigate your own life. Some people do not care much about this matter but try to be the best of their life for the future.

10. Where do I get all the answers?

The last one from the list of 10 self-reflective questions in life is where you can get all the answers. 

Four options are available such as found on your own, meditation and self-reflection, the guide and mentor, and just let it go. 

In today’s era, you can access many resources easily and develop inner thoughts with a positive mind. The joy is not at the end but the effort to find the right answer.

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