10 tips how to be grateful for our happiness in life

Grateful in our life is very important to make ourselves to be happier from day to day and satisfied with things that we already have. 

There are some motivation tips that you can use to implement in your life so that you can be more grateful and achieve real happiness in your life. 

Below is some advice that you can absorb to make yourself more grateful:

1. Life should be more dynamic from day to day

Instead of only living in this world with the same or similar activities every day, you need to make your life and activities more dynamic and colorful. 

Life is something that contains many adventures that you need to experience and taste. It is very bad if you only spend your time working in the office doing the same and boring things or you only sleep the whole day.

You can taste this life by exploring many places, learning new things, making more friends, or exploring your hobbies. Also, from simple activities, you also need to consider the benefits behind those activities. 

For example, when you attend a conference, don’t only attend the conference for knowledge or study, but you can use it for building your network or friendship. 

Another example is when you babysit your niece, don’t only make it a burden from your family. However, you need to try to enjoy it playing with your niece and learn about the growth of a baby.

2. Oath of gratitude to make you more thankful

From the earlier time, you should make a gratitude oath to build your confidence and grateful feeling every day. You should keep this gratitude as a conscious decision and make it your life principle. 

Even though you face a problem in life, try to always apply this gratitude and by applying it you can face your problems wisely and consider them as learnings for your life.

3. You need to apply motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts for yourself

It is important to motivate you every day. It is good to have sticky notes on inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes in your bedroom, office, and diary. 

It can make you more passionate, more alive, more driven, more appreciate your activities and life. 

When you face problems, you can reduce your stress and motivate yourself again by trying to apply those motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts to yourself.

4. Your thoughts should be control

You have the power to control your thoughts and what you should think. Don’t let negative thinking control you that can destroy your days. 

If you find yourself having a bad thought, you must stop. If you find yourself comparing yourself with other people, you must stop. 

If you find yourself angry at people or yourself, you need to stop and take a wise decision that will not be bad for you. 

Consciousness is with you and doesn’t let negativity control you.

5. Don’t compare yourself with other people

Jealousy in social life is normal, but don’t make it something to destroy yourself. You will meet people who have more intelligent, smarter, or richer than you. 

If you only think about their strengths that make you jealous, you can not be grateful. In opposite, make those things a push factor that can motivate you to be more successful.

6. Use positive words

You can be grateful in your life if you watch your words. You need to use positive words every day in your social life including when you write on social media. 

Bad words only lead you to negative thoughts and it will make it difficult to enjoy your life. 

That is why it is important to always positive words, such as motivational words to yourself or your family members.

7. Appreciate yourself with what you already have

Happy people satisfy with everything that they already have. When he already has a car and a house, he is thankful for those assets. 

However, people will not be happy if he always looks to the people above them. He will not be thankful even though he already has something that other people maybe don’t have.

8. Acknowledge your past, and move on

All of us sometimes make mistakes in our life. It is normal and we should not think negatively always about those mistakes. 

What we need to do is to acknowledge them and try to move on. We should learn from mistakes that we did in the past. 

From those learnings, we can jump to a better life with more experience. When we face a similar situation, we already know how to deal with or solve it.

9. Help other people will make yourself grateful

Help other people especially people with suffer situations can bring happiness for you. First, you will think in this world there are still many people that don’t have a good situation like what you already have. 

For example, in this world, there are 65 million refugees and internally displaced persons who are in suffer situation. You need to realize that dream a normal life as you have. 

Second, by doing good things for them, it will make your life more wonderful and appreciating yourself because you can bring happiness to other people.

About this, you can start by sponsoring a child education program or donating your money to a refugee protection center in your area. 

You can also be a donator for a non-profit organization where you donate regularly.

10. Prayers for spiritual side

It is considered one of the most powerful ways to make yourself more grateful. Through prayers to God, people will be more aware of this ultimate source in this world. 

When people pray, they will be calmer, and they will think that God will be with them in their activities and in this life.

These motivational tips can be applied and implemented in our lives to motivate ourselves to make ourselves more grateful. 

From this information above, we should realize that our happiness is based on how we deal with our situation and how we control our thought.

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