10 Methods to Help Someone Concentrate in Meditation and Make It Less Boring

There is one question that people ask before joining a meditation class: Is Meditation Boring and how to keep the focus on meditation? 

It seems like people have a hard time staying put with their meditation class. First of all, meditation can be a very boring activity at the beginning. 

Time seems to slow down when someone is doing a meditation session. To top it all, there is little to no outside stimulation at all.

One major reason for this condition is because it is difficult to keep the mind focused during the session. A focused mind would be able to get immersed in the meditation. 

The mind will not stray from the essence of the activity. How to achieve it, though? This list shows how someone can improve their focus during a meditation session.

1. Be Realistic by Starting Small

People who ask “Is Meditation Boring and how to keep focus in meditation?” might ask the question because they see a long meditation session. 

They might think that there is no way that they can focus for such a long period. However, those classes are for people who have practiced meditation longer. 

A beginner needs to start small when trying to meditate. The first session might last for about two to three minutes, and it will go up from there.

2. Utilizing Hong-Sau Technique

Hong-Sau technique is in fact a yoga technique that aims to make the person’s mind more focused. This technique can be employed when someone is trying to meditate. 

This technique involves keeping a straight posture and breathing slowly while counting to eight. For each inhales the person will say hong in their head, and sau for each exhale. 

Trying this technique might be awkward on the first try. However, the mind will soon get accustomed to it that you can practice it without thinking.

3. Manage the Breathing Pattern

Breathing is a fundamental skill that one should master in order to meditate better. The best breathing approach is breathing through the diaphragm. 

The person will need to fill their diaphragm slowly and exhale through their mouth in this breathing technique. 

Diaphragm breathing encouraged a steadier breathing pattern. When the person can breathe in a steady pattern, it will be easier to concentrate. 

In the beginning, the breathing process can also be something to concentrate on.

4. Meditation with Guidance

Sometimes, it is difficult to start meditating alone because you do not know what to do and what to expect. Luckily, there are some audio guides for meditating that people can download into their gadgets. 

Some of those audio files are even available for free. Because of this, people can still practice meditation in their homes or their offices. 

It makes a beginner be able to concentrate better because they listen to the guide’s voice.

5. Exercise Concentration in Daily Life

Another suggestion to the question “Is Meditation Boring and how to keep focus in meditation?” is to exercise concentration outside of meditation sessions. 

It does not need to take a long time. The person can just spare about one minute every three hours or so to concentrate on one particular item near them. 

If the person does this repeatedly, their mind will be more ready to attend a meditation session. They will have a less difficult time concentrating.

6. Choosing Morning to Meditate

Everyone will suggest that you choose the morning to do the meditation activity instead of the afternoon or night. During the morning, people are usually well rested after a good night’s sleep. 

In the afternoon, the brain experiences fatigue that will make it harder to concentrate. Many meditation gurus also suggest that there is higher productive energy in the morning than at other times of the day. 

Channeling that energy into the session will help to turn a beginner’s meditation session into a successful stint.

7. Sit Quietly in Longer Period

It is so difficult to be able to sit still in this era for a long period of time. Everyone is expected to keep moving and constantly do something. Because of this, people think that meditation can be a boring event. 

They are not used to staying put as their daily activities demand them to move continuously. 

This is why during the meditation session it is encouraged that the person will spend a long time just sit down. The sitting down should be done quietly.

8. Do Not Panic If the Mind Wander

People tend to panic when their mind wanders during a meditation session. They feel like it should not happen when they are meditating. However, that is totally untrue. 

Especially during the starting point of meditation, the mind still learns to achieve an awareness state. It is okay to have the mind suddenly things about something else. 

What is important is to make sure that you are quickly aware of that and can usher the mind back to a blank slate.

9. Let the Body in Relaxed State

The body will not be able to concentrate if it is in a taut state. Sometimes, there is high tension in the body that does not allow someone to fully focus in the process of meditation. 

It can be that the person is too stressed out at that time. It might also happen because they did not get enough rest. 

During the meditation process, the person should consciously make the body relaxed. Doing stretching prior to meditation is encouraged if it can help them.

10. Praying Prior to Meditation

Being sincere even before starting the meditation process is very important. One way to do it is by praying for a successful session. 

This pray does not have to be a religious event for the person. It can be a contract that someone makes with their own self, that they will work to achieve a great session. 

This also works to get in touch with one’s spiritual side. It can provide a guide to them.

Those ten tips are proven to help with the person’s concentration during meditation. Each tip can be combined with one or more tips to achieve a successful session. 

The next time someone asks “Is Meditation Boring and how to keep focus in meditation?”, you know how to answer them.

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