9 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Stress

Stress is a symptom that your body shows as a signal that your mind and body are under excessive pressure. It can be experienced by anyone who does a lot of work. 

Usually, when someone is under pressure, sometimes they can’t control their own thoughts. This has its own scientific explanation. 

When a person experiences stress, the body releases hormones that cause blood pressure to the heart, and the blood flow will increase. 

This is what causes many people to always associate stress with high blood pressure.

If someone has started to feel symptoms of stress, it is advisable to immediately regulate whatever triggers that stress. 

It is not advisable to delay this preventive effort because it will have fatal consequences for the body. Stress may sound like an easy thing to reduce, but if you ignore it, bad things can happen to your body.

Stress can be reduced when your state of mind remains calm and normal. There are many things you can do like meditation. 

Recently, the number of people who are doing meditation has been increasing every year. 

This shows that the level of people’s awareness of the importance of mental and mental health has also increased, although sometimes meditation is still often considered a religious ritual. 

That statement is of course wrong, in fact, everyone stressed or not, they can still meditate.

There are many types of meditation that you can try. However, out of all the many types of meditation, you should try Mindfulness Meditation. 

Mindfulness Meditation is a really simple type of meditation, so it’s really worth a try for beginners. Mindfulness Meditation is also called the Anapanasati

Mindfulness Meditation lets your thoughts and feelings cross your mind, it does not require you to always concentrated on anything. 

The things you need to pay attention to when doing Mindfulness Meditation are your awareness, openness, and acceptance of the present. 

With these elements, then you will get benefits if you do the meditation consistently. Here are 9 benefits of mindfulness meditation.

1. Lower the Level of Stress

The first benefit of mindfulness mediation is it lowers your level of stress. This benefit may be the main goal of doing mindfulness meditation. 

When you do this meditation, you will be practicing how to regulate emotional regulation, this way the cortisol levels will decrease. 

The benefit you feel is that your mood will improve steadily. This is of course really influential in improving the quality of your life.

2. Lower the Level of Anxiety

A study was conducted to see how a single session of mindfulness meditation had an effect on someone who often suffered from anxiety and also high blood pressure. 

This study found that one session of mindfulness meditation can help reduce cardiovascular risk. 

They suggest doing this meditation regularly in a week, so the level of anxiety will be reduced too.

3. Improve Your Ability to pay Attention

The third benefits of mindfulness meditation are to improve your ability to focus on something. 

When you do mindfulness meditation, of course, you will try to focus your thoughts. This is what will hone your ability to pay attention and focus on one thing only.

4. Maintain the Health of Your Liver

The fourth benefit of mindfulness meditation is it maintains your liver health which is something that is very important to be maintained. 

You must be able to avoid anything that can be a major cause of a disease that threatens your liver. When someone has hypertension, they will be advised to take medication and add mindfulness meditation as a side medication. 

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure will decrease gradually if this meditation is done regularly.

5. Help You to Recover

Sometimes recovery is harder than the accident or disease itself. Another benefit of mindfulness meditation is that it helps restore your mind and body to their nausea. 

This was proven by several breast cancer survivors in China. Post-cancer treatment anxiety and stress can be reduced by this meditation. Not only that, their enthusiasm and spirituality of life are also increased.

6. Decrease Depressive Thoughts

The sixth benefit of mindfulness meditation is it decreases the level of your depressive thoughts. Depressive thoughts arise when a person rages with their own emotions that cannot be channeled. 

Mindfulness meditation can be what a depression person needs. These buried emotions will slowly be managed to open by practicing the correct meditation technique. 

When these emotions are slowly controlled, the body and mind will be a lot better.

7. It Helps Controlling Drinking Problems on Teens

The drinking problem is always associated with teenagers and this is a fact. 

The main problem with this matter is the emotion of a young person who is still on fire, so it is very difficult for them to control whatever it is, especially if they are at the addicted stage of something. 

Some college students who have drinking problems practice mindfulness meditation, seeing this meditation as a copying machine for them. 

They have more stable self-control, so they can slowly limit themselves from drinking. In addition, another positive effect that is obtained is increased patience and self-acceptance.

8. Improve the Academic Achievement for Students

The eighth benefit of mindfulness meditation is it helps students to improve their academic achievement. This meditation is truly universal and reaches all human life. 

The students also get its great effects. Some elementary school students practice mindfulness meditation and feel the positive effect of regular emotional regulation. 

Likewise with teenage students who feel the effects. According to Bennett & Dorjee, this meditation reduces levels of anxiety and depression which often prevent them from focusing on achieving in school.

9. It Helps You to Sleep Better

It seems that every adult in this world must have experienced insomnia problems, ranging from mild to severe insomnia. In fact, sleep is an important activity to save our bodies. 

When we sleep, we let our bodies rest from all the busyness. Just imagine what happens if our bodies do not have time to rest, but continue to work without stopping. 

This will cause problems to other organs in your body. Mindfulness meditation has succeeded in improving sleep quality, which has been accompanied by improvements in sleep problems.

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