10 Benefits of Movement Meditation That You Should Know

Probably not many people know about the 10 benefits of movement meditation. This is probably because not many people know about this kind of meditation. 

So far, maybe people only know that meditation is an activity in which people that do it will sit still and relax, in order to get peace in their mind. 

Usually, meditation is also equipped with music that can soothe the soul and mind. Some people even look for a quiet place to do this meditation.

But it turns out that there is one type of meditation that is rarely known to people, namely movement meditation which also has many benefits for people who practice this type of meditation. Then what is meant by movement meditation?

Movement meditation is a modification of mindfulness meditation. Or the first step is to bring mindfulness meditation to your daily activities. 

In contrast to meditation in general, which focuses on breathing, this type of meditation focuses on the movements you do.

In movement meditation, the meditator performs movements while practicing mindfulness meditation. Pay attention to how the body moves from one movement to another. 

One of the movement’s meditations that meditators often do is walking meditation. Usually, those who are practicing walking meditation will walk slowly for a long time, while calming their minds. 

Most people who do this meditation will choose quiet and natural places such as forests and beaches.

And it turns out there are around 10 benefits of movement meditation, which could be your consideration for trying this type of meditation. What is it?

1. Shows sore or less convenient body parts, such as pain or stiffness

One of the benefits of movement meditation knows which parts of the body that is painful or uncomfortable. 

This movement in meditation will help you feel which parts of your body that feel uncomfortable, such as stiffness, aches, and pains. 

When moving to do this type of meditation, your mind will be more aware of which parts of the body that is experiencing problems.

2. You will also be more sensitive to the circumstances around you

When you do this type of meditation, the movements make you more sensitive to the circumstances around you. 

You can feel objects that are in contact with you. This will make you more sensitive, not only to the environment but also to the people around you

3. Stabilizing emotions

One of the 10 benefits of movement meditation is calming your mind and stabilizing your emotions. Movement meditation is not much different from other meditations. 

You will also get the benefit of calming your mind and making your emotions more stable, especially if you do movement meditation in the open like a beach or forest. 

Besides your body moving, you will also see the natural beauty around you. This will make you more relaxed and calm. 

The most important thing is that you don’t rush to do it, keep moving calmly and you will feel the serenity of this type of meditation

4. be more aware of your own health

As mentioned above, the movements in this type of meditation make you more sensitive about changes in sensations in your body parts. 

The uncomfortable feelings, aches, pains, and stiffness that you feel while doing movement meditation will make you aware of your body condition so that you can get medical treatment faster.

5. Making you a more grateful person

Maybe all this time you have never been grateful for what you have got. You always feel deprived and seem to be the most miserable person in the world. 

But apparently, this movement meditation can help you become a more grateful person. 

When you do this activity, focus your mind on things that make you grateful, such as a happy family, the job you have, the breath you breathe, or other things around you.

6. Train you to be a more patient person

Movement meditation also has the benefit of practicing being patient. This is because movement meditation takes a long time. 

For example when you are doing movable meditation like Tai Chi, then you have to follow the movements with a steady and calm rhythm. You have to get used to following the slow but powerful movements

7. Helps overcome sleep problems

With movement meditation, you can also get the benefits of overcoming sleep problems. 

This meditation that focuses on mindfulness and breathing will make you calmer, making it easier for you to relax and sleep at night.

8. Helps to focus and concentrate

Being more focused and concentrated is a part of the 10 benefits of movement meditation. Like any other type of meditation, you really have to focus and concentrate while doing this activity. 

Especially if you do it indoors like practicing yoga with some of its movements. You have to focus and concentrate on doing these movements, otherwise, you could get injured. 

Or when you practice Tai Chi, for example, you have to focus and concentrate on the movements, or you will get annoyed because you can’t follow the poses you should

9. Beneficial for blood circulation

Rhythmic, regular and calm movements in meditation are believed to be able to improve blood circulation. 

One of the movement meditations you can do is walking meditation. This type of meditation is believed to help make blood flow smoothly, especially to the feet. 

This will help ease feelings of sluggishness, especially if your job requires you to sit for long periods of time

10. Helps to train your balance

Several types of movement meditation such as walking meditation and Tai Chi have benefits for exercising your balance. 

This activity is believed to be able to improve coordination and balance in your ankles. In addition, for the elderly, this reduces the risk of injury due to falls. 

This is because this meditation involves the meditator’s awareness of the leg and ankle movements.

One more thing that you should know, movement meditation can be done anywhere, even in your own home. 

You can start with a walk calmly around your house, and then you will feel these 10 benefits of movement meditation.

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