10 Amazing Benefits Of Qigong Meditation For Relaxation And Self-Healing

Qigong’s roots can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago in the ancient Chinese tradition. Yet, it now has been widespread even to the rest of the world.

Generally, Qigong is all about slow movements in different variations of motions and poses. 

The aims are to help the users increase their posture qualities, improve their breathing techniques as well as focus and concentration, and the well-being of people of all ages in general.

There have been researches that proved Qigong’s benefits for relaxation and self-healing. In this article, we provide you 10 benefits of Qigong meditation:

• Reducing Your Stress Levels

Qigong meditations’ aims are to relax your body and mind states. Hence, one of the benefits of Qigong meditation is to reduce stress levels.

The slow-motion movements and the deep breath works of Qigong meditations help in attaining calm and peaceful states of mind by releasing negative emotions that are precursors for stresses, such as frustration, fear, and worry. 

As a result, you will be able to regain your life energy balance.

• Balancing Your Yin And Yang

Humans have yin and yang in their bodies. The imbalances between yin and yang inside humans’ bodies contribute to the increasing likelihood of various health problems.

So, your yin and yang should be balanced in order to be healthy. Here, Qigong meditations are solutions for balancing your yin and yang energies as well as restoring and cleansing energies between the two. 

After all, Qigong meditation exercises contain both the yin and yang aspects.

• Helping You To Connect With The Present Moment

Qigong meditations are not all about bodily exercises. Instead, Qigong meditations also have the capacity to train your mind, heart, and spirit.

Being aware of the present moment is the benefit that you can take when you practice Qigong meditations on regular basis. As a result, you become a happier person with a more optimistic outlook on life.

• Getting Rid Of Your Toxins

The toxic energies that can surround some of the people are not only involving mental and emotional states. They can also impact the physical conditions of the affected people.

Your skins are among the affected body parts as a result of the excessive toxin amounts. 

According to Chinese medicine researches, Qigong meditations help your body clear the toxins, including those on your skin, as well as clear up the energy channels.

• Boosting Your Positive Energies

The emphasis of Qigong meditations lies on the slow, soft movements that open up positive energy channels in your body. In addition, the same meditations also help you to train your focus and concentration.

As a result, your positive energies will overflow as you train on Qigong meditations. 

In addition to being more able to manage your emotions, you will also be more productive throughout your life.

• Strengthening Your Immune Systems

Another of the benefits of Qigong meditations is that Qigong meditations help in strengthening your immune systems.

Researches have not only proved that Qigong meditations help to increase the two white blood cell types in the lymphatic systems, but also re-energizing those two white blood cell types.

When this, along with Qigong meditations’ ability to open up positive energy channels to humans’ bodies, occurs, your immune systems will be strengthened.

• Aiding Your Digestion Systems

If you either have histories of digestion system problems or experiencing problems in your digestion systems, yet, you want natural remedies, Qigong meditations can be your solution to massage your body organs that are used for the digestion systems, such as the liver and pancreas.

Qigong meditations don’t stop in merely massaging your body organs in terms of aiding your digestion systems. 

Instead, Qigong meditations also help a lot in regulating and strengthening your intestines’ contractions and eliminating gases that result from the rotten digestion systems.

• Balancing The Streams Of Your Bloods

One of the most evident benefits of practicing Qigong meditations is lowering blood pressure. 

More than 30 years of researches have proved that these types of meditations are great for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

By increasing people’s energy levels and removing negative energy blockades, the practices of Qigong meditations also help in balancing the blood circulations of the body.

Consecutively, your blood vessels’ elasticity will also improve. Not stopping there, Qigong meditation exercises can also strengthen your blood vessels’ capabilities. 

As a result, you lower your risks of experiencing high and low blood pressure problems.

• Improving Your Sleep’s Quality

This one of the 10 benefits of Qigong meditation goes in line with another benefit of Qigong meditation: Reducing your stress levels.

Generally, less stressed people experience more quality sleeps. The fact that Qigong meditations involve a lot of deep breathing techniques and the exercising of mental tranquility helps you in falling asleep faster.

In doing so, you don’t only get more out of your sleep. You also help in promoting healthy lifestyles by balancing your daily routines with your relaxing times.

• Helping You To Self-Heal And Recover Faster

Qigong meditations also help you to self-heal and recover faster as the gentle movements in the whole exercises help to improve blood circulation in humans’ bodies that contribute to the energy channeling to the injured parts of the body.

Having those being said, Qigong meditations are definitely the ideal meditation exercises for people who are either recovering from surgeries or experiencing injuries to some levels.

While drug addictions are tempting, including for people who experience blood pressure problems, they can be dangerous in the long run. Here, Qigong meditations also help a lot to recover from the drug addiction in many people.

Another amazing benefit of Qigong meditation is that this type of meditation is safe even for bedridden people.

Whether you’re doing active Qigong through aerobic exercises or passive Qigong that gives emphasis on the breathing exercises, be sure to couple Qigong meditation with other spiritual and mindfulness practices to awaken your positive energies.

Additionally, you can always refer back to this article of 10 benefits of Qigong meditation whenever you need help.

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