Here Are 10 Benefits of Loving-Kindness Meditation
Which Will Amaze You

If you are looking for a meditation that can make your soul calm and peaceful, there is no harm for you to read these 10 benefits of Loving-kindness meditation. 

Actually, any kind of meditation has many benefits for the meditator or person doing this activity. However, perhaps only a few of us know this loving-kindness meditation.

Loving-kindness meditation is a type of meditation in Buddhism that is becoming increasingly popular and favored by many people. 

This meditation which is also popularly known as “Metta Meditation” starts with loving yourself. 

If you want to learn this meditation, then practitioners must experience and actively love themselves

This meditation is done by silently reciting words containing a sincere wish for the happiness of all beings. 

Thus, this meditation is believed to be able to reduce even eliminate bad or evil thoughts of a person towards other beings.  

Loving-Kindness meditation can be done by anyone; it is suitable for all personality types and can be done in your own home.

Loving yourself is one of the 10 benefits of Loving-kindness meditation. 

Besides that, there are several other benefits of this loving-kindness meditation that are very powerful and amazing. What are some of them?

1. Helping you to think positively

For those of you who are often overthinking and have bad thoughts, you can try to do this loving-kindness meditation. 

This is because meditation is useful for increasing the performance of the brain to be able to think more positively and reduce your frequency of negative thoughts. 

Doing this meditation regularly is believed to be able to increase positive feelings such as love, happiness, gratitude, satisfaction, hope, a sense of self-worth, attention, joy, and awe.

2. Helps to reduce negative self-criticism

As humans, we cannot avoid self-criticism. Negative voices in our heads sometimes give us harsh criticism. 

This makes it difficult for us to make peace and befriend ourselves. However, when doing loving-kindness meditation, you can reduce harsh criticism to yourself. 

This is because while doing this meditation, you will recite positive and constructive words for yourself.

3. Increase empathy and love for other creatures

In times like today, it is very difficult to find people who have empathy for other creatures. In fact, many are cruel to fellow human beings, causing hatred, conflict, and even violence. 

Apparently, one of the 10 benefits of Loving-kindness meditation is helping you to increase empathy to fellow beings. It is helping you to increase empathy for fellow living beings. 

You will be more sensitive to the feelings and difficulties of others and increase positive affective experiences

4. Helps to reduce migraines

For those of you who often experience migraines, it is highly recommended to do this kindness-loving meditation. 

Migraines are apparently not just a physical health problem. The presence of unhealthy emotions in a person’s head can trigger this migraine. 

Because loving-kindness meditation can relieve emotional tension, people who experience migraines can try this meditation to reduce the pain they suffer.

5. Useful for preventing aging

The loving-kindness meditation is also believed to prevent aging as it extends chromosomal proteins called telomeres in our bodies. 

Telomeres are small protein coats on the end of chromosomes that help keep your DNA in prime condition. 

Researchers claim that if too many telomere numbers are damaged, the genetic material in the chromosomes is no longer protected, thereby accelerating the aging process. 

Loving-kindness meditation is believed to extend the size of telomeres, thus inhibiting the aging process

6. Helps to get along with others more easily

The positive energy obtained from loving-kindness meditation is believed to help someone to be more open, thus making them easily connected to the social environment around them. 

This makes them a person who is not easy to judge others, is not prone to prejudice, and has a positive attitude towards others around them.

7. Helping the therapy process after experiencing trauma

Living with trauma is not easy. Trauma can affect your social and personal life as well. 

However, a study conducted in 2013 found that one of 10 benefits of Loving-kindness meditation helps reduce trauma problems especially for those with Post Traumatic Disorder or PTSD. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a mental disorder that occurs after a person experiences or witnesses unpleasant events. 

This study found that veterans who took loving-kindness meditation experienced a decrease in the PTSD they experienced.

8. Reduces pain and anger

Usually, people who experience chronic pain also experience emotional instability. They become irritable because of the pain they suffer and the environment that makes the sufferer uncomfortable. 

However, a meditation on loving-kindness is actually beneficial for reducing the pain and anger that a person suffers from. 

A study in a group of patients who experienced low back pain found that they became calmer, had less pain, and were less irritable after participating in this meditation.

9. Increase feelings of compassion

The positive energy generated during this loving-kindness meditation is indeed extraordinary. One of the benefits of this meditation is that it helps increase compassion in one’s heart. 

Loving-kindness meditation is believed to be one of the activities that can increase compassion in a person’s heart, because of the positive suggestions that are recited during the meditation process.

10. Provides long-term benefits for meditators

Loving-kindness meditation is believed to have long-term positive effects for those who practice it. 

In 2011, there was a study that stated that loving-kindness meditators maintained their positive attitude for approximately 15 months after undergoing meditation. 

They maintain positive emotions which are very beneficial for everyday life. This positive effect will last longer, if the meditator often does this activity, even if only for a short time

Meditation itself does have many benefits for the practitioner. Of the various types of meditation, maybe you could try to do the loving-kindness meditation is. 

After that, you will feel many positive benefits like these 10 benefits of Loving-kindness meditation. 

So try this meditation and feel its benefits to change your life to be more positive and happy

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