12 Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

These days meditation becomes a popular method for self-healing. We all have a certain level of pressure in life and meditation becomes an effective way to keep a healthy body and mind. 

One of the most popular meditations in Kundalini meditation. This is the part of Kundalini yoga that has a prolonged and slow process. 

The main purpose of Kundalini Meditation is to bring out the Kundalini power which is located at the base of the spine. 

There are some variations in Kundalini meditations but all of the techniques are aimed to promote the Kundalini energy. Many people reported the benefits of Kundalini meditation as the following lists.   

1. Reduce stress

Meditation is always linked to stress relief and control of emotion. According to a study, Kundalini meditation results in immediate stress relief. 

Kundalini meditation involves deep relaxation which helps to calm the mind. Daily practice of this meditation allows you to have better resilience, so you can handle life pressure and stress in a much better way. 

2. Control nervous system

Kundalini meditation balances and strengthen the nervous system. When you are doing the meditation pose and notice that your body is shaking, it strengthens the nervous system. 

When you have a stronger nervous system, you will have better stress management and become more collected and calm during any situation. You will also become more energetic and feels rejuvenate. 

3. Reduce anxiety

Lots of people meditate because they have difficulty in dealing with mental health especially anxiety. Kundalini meditation works best in controlling and strengthening the nervous system. 

This meditation is also beneficial to reduce the symptom of anxiety. People with a generalized anxiety disorder may experience better stress management and control of emotion after trying Kundalini meditation. 

4. Promote positive energy

Do you know that a weak aura results in negative energy? The Kundalini meditation expands and strengthens the inner aura. This will attract more positive energy. 

You will also become more alert to the negative and positive influences in the environment. When you have a vibrant and large positive aura, it will keep the negative energy away. 

So you can stay on your best path and true identity. 

5. Inner guidance

Inner guidance is the voice of your own that comes from within. The inner guidance mostly appears to people with a strong conscious mind. 

Truthfully, all people have inner guidance but not all of them have the power to feel it. The awakening of the subconscious mind allows you to have a better understanding of yourself. 

When the feelings and thoughts come together, you can feel inner guidance. You can use inner guidance as basic intuition when making decisions and facing life problems. 

6. Promote spiritual connection

Most people are separated from their spiritual connection which makes it easy to lose control and feel empty. Sometimes when living up to others’ expectations makes you feel tired. 

However, the Kundalini meditation helps strengthen the spiritual connection, so you do not need to find any judgment from others. 

Improving spiritual connection is like getting to know yourself once again. You will know who you are and what you want in life. 

7. Strengthened core

Besides the benefit of a healthy mind, Kundalini meditation is also great for physical activity. 

Some pose in Kundalini meditation such as legs lift, stretch pose, a breath of fire, and many more are all works with navel center and abdominal muscles. 

When you have a strong core, it is most likely you will do great in other aspects. 

8. Improved memory and brainpower

Most meditations improve memory and prevent age-related memory loss but to different degrees. In Kundalini meditation, there is Kirtan Kriya which is believed to improve the memory of people with Alzheimer’s. 

Besides improving memory, Kundalini meditation is also believed to clear brain fog. Sometimes the min becomes cloudy when you have lots of thoughts. 

The mind becomes like a cobweb and seems difficult to untangle. The Rapid breath of fire movement in Kundalini meditation helps to clear the mind. 

Meditation makes you more alert, focused, and has better concentration. This way you can make a better decision and have better memory capacity. 

9. Better lung capacity

Kundalini meditation includes breathing techniques including the deep and long breath of fire. Combined with some kriyas, this meditation helps to increase the capacity of the lung. 

When you have short and shallow breaths, you will get tired easily and prone to headaches. However, if you have expanded lung capacity, the body will have enough supply of oxygen. 

A good amount supply of oxygen leads to a healthier body and clear mind. 

10. Improve wellbeing and willpower

Kundalini meditation works right in the core of the third chakra which is the navel point. The meditation brings out the heat in the area. 

It helps improving the digestion system as well as past doubts and memories. You will be able to make good decisions as well as digest the situation and take immediate action.  

11. Better communication

Poses in Kundalini meditation such as shoulder stand to touch the throat as the fifth chakra. This enables you to easily open your heart and forgive everything easily. 

You will grow non-judgemental behavior and bless your lips with gratitude. Even when you find something bothering and unpleasant, you will find other ways to speak the truth in tender and calm ways. 

12. Mindful living

Kundali meditation puts you out of the cycle of karma. As you continue to grow positive energy, manage emotion and anger, it will eventually put the accumulated karma away. 

Sure thing it is not easy but with consistent practice, you will become more intuitive and positive. When choosing the mindful path of life instead of living in the cycle of karma due to past actions, you will lead a responsible life.

Practicing Kundalini meditation is surely not easy, but make sure you join a class or with professional assistance. This is important to make sure you do the meditation in the right way. 

Also having professional assistance means you have a lower risk of injuries when doing some poses. Kundalini meditation also involves profound and slow breathing practice. 

If you are not used to this breathing method, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy. Make sure to take a break, drink water, and try again. 

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