9 Things You Should Start Doing for the People around You

Whatever your goal in life is, you should realize that you are not alone in this world. You will need others as well as others will need you. 

Therefore, start helping and being of service to people around you is one of the 9 things you should start doing for the people around you. 

This way, you can change your life from misery, sadness, and fear to joy

1. Be More Open Minded

A parachute cannot work if it is still closed, so as to mind. Therefore, become more open-minded is one of the 9 things you should start doing for the people around you. 

Become more open-minded doesn’t mean that you have to agree with all the opinions or thoughts expressed by other people.

 Become an open-minded person means that you should aware that people might have different opinions and thoughts than yours. 

Sometimes, you might think that what they believe and think is not right, or rather ridiculous. But, it doesn’t give you a right to reject their opinion immediately by using a harsh comment.

Make a deep dialogue with them and hear what they want to say if you feel that their opinion is wrong. Keep your mind open and try to learn the beauty of various perspectives. 

2. Becoming a Source of Genuine Support

Everyone needs a source of genuine support from other people. You should understand that we live in this world together and we should treat others well as we want to be treated. 

Becoming a source of genuine support doesn’t mean that you have to solve all problems from people around you.

Sometimes, people just need to be listened to. They need people who are ready to sit silently with them and listen to all of their problems. 

They don’t want to be judged, they just want people to listen and lent them a shoulder when they need to cry. 

Therefore, becoming a source of genuine support doesn’t mean that you have to give them answers to their problems.

3. Start Giving Genuine Praise to Little Things

Most people only will give praise and recognition to something that looks big in their eyes. This act actually is not a good act since it will make you seem ungrateful enough. 

Start giving praise and genuine recognition for the little things around you. This shows how extraordinary and grateful you are as a person.  

Start recognizing the amazing things from people around you even if it is just a simple thing. Speak up your opinion about it and praise them for it. It surely will make them feel more empowered. 

Give appreciation to people who will never harm you. Otherwise, it is a small and no-cost investment that will give you great things in return.

4. Respecting Others Who Are Different

People are not the same, we have different physical appearances, personality traits, hobbies, ways of thinking, and many more. Even twins are not exactly the same. 

Therefore, it is very important to respect other people who are different than us. It doesn’t matter what color we are, what personality or hobbies we have, we are just basically human.

Therefore, it is never right to victimize or bully people for just being different. 

God created us differently so we can know each other. It is actually very great that we see people have different cultures, customs, and physical appearances. 

People are amazing, just the way they are. Thus, appreciate people for their kindness and not because of their physical appearances.

5. Never Penalize People in Public

If you feel that someone’s opinion seems ridiculous, never, ever, ridicule them in public if you still have the option not to. 

Judging someone in front of other people will only traumatize them. It will make them less empowered or even worse, hate you. 

If you want to criticize people in public, make sure it will not make them seem ridiculous or stupid. If it is possible, criticize people in private.

6. Allowing People to Save Face

Sometimes, you witness people in their great sufferings. 

In this critical time, people might act differently and back themselves into the corner or hide in an empty room. If they act this way, try to act normally to them as nothing ever happened.

Don’t remind them of their situation especially in public if they seem don’t want to talk about it. Allowing people to save face in this way is an act of kindness. 

7. Making Time for People Around You

Although it sounds pretty simple, making time for people around you is not always easy. 

Sometimes, you are too busy with your work that makes you unable to share attention with other people, even your own family. 

You give them the rest of your time where you already feel tired and cannot pay attention to what they say.

Of you are this time of a person, start to change it now. By giving them your precious time, you already show them that you care even without saying it. 

Focused and sincere attention is what makes your interaction and relationship with people more valuable and appreciated.

Never underestimate the importance of paying attention to each other. When you give other human being focused and sincere attention, actually you already breathe new life into them. 

Giving other human being your precious time and show them your affection will make you grow stronger and wiser as a human being.

8. Start Being Compassionate and Gentle

Compassionate and gentle are what make this world lighter and more peaceful to live in. 

Become more gentle to those around you will grow more light and love. As a result, all the changes will come and grow naturally in your life.

9. Be Supportive to the Weaker Ones

Sometimes in our community, we often face that there are people who are weak in doing something. 

If you are in this situation, make sure that you are being a great supporter of them. Encourage and help them to resolve the situation.

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