15 Little Things That Secretly Make You Unhappy

Sometimes it’s common to feel unhappy if you find out things don’t meet your expectation. However, have you ever feel unhappy even if your life seems? 

It can be uncomfortable to trap unhappy feelings when you have a normal life. So, here are 15 little things that secretly make you unhappy to know which one causes yours.

1. Worrying too Much

Felling worried about something is normal but just don’t let it control you. If you find out a worrying thing, take a deep breath and find ways to make yourself calm. It will help you to face anything in the right way.

Conversely, if worrying too much, you commonly start to feel fear and pessimism. These two feelings will lead you to think negatively.

2. Feeling Bored

Feeling bored gives you a sense that your life is flat and has no purpose. The easiness in everything you do or the same daily routine often become the sources of boredom too.

There are lots of things that you can do to get away from boredom. Simply being open-minded or trying new things in the middle of your daily routines often can help.

3. Perfectionistic

Expecting yourself or other people to do everything perfectly is something that never happens. Besides, it is not good for you. Sometimes making a mistake is normal as long as you can learn from it.

If you make mistake or something goes unexpected, try to accept it first. Be kind to yourself and after that, you can think clearly to solve the problem.

4. Too Busy

Doing many things which take much of your time often reduces your energy and it leads to feeling unhappy. Instead of being stuck with multiple things to do every day, making a priority can be helpful.

By knowing what should be done first, you will learn to do it in focus and making the time more effective.

5. Thinking too Much about Other People Say

You can’t always please everyone. In anything you do, there will be people who support you and criticize you. Try impressing other people will make you end up exhausted.

Instead, seek people’s approval, you had better keep doing things you want to do as long as it’s a good thing.

6. Hold Grudges

If you are offended by someone, you might hold grudges on him. Unfortunately, while you keep thinking about the person you hate, he commonly doesn’t care about you and has his own life.

It builds negativity on your mind and starts to drain your energy before looking at the person you hate gets the downfall. So, avoid it and be happy with yourself.

7. Stuck in the Past

Even there was something you don’t like on your paste, you need to accept the fact that you cannot change it anymore. 

Just leave what had happened and start the new chapter or try new things in your life.

It’s okay to take a look at it sometimes and get something to learn. However, keep dwelling on it will not take you anywhere but make you always feel regret about everything.

8. Hate the Job

Normally, people feel happy if they have had a job. Hence, if you feel unhappy even after you have a job then there is something wrong with it. Hating the job or anything related to it is one of 15 little things that secretly make you unhappy.

If you find something you don’t like about your job, either the environment or the people, it’s time to find a new thing that makes you happy to keep working. 

Otherwise, if you really cannot stand on that condition, perhaps you can consider a different job.

9. Don’t Have Enough Me-Time

Sticking too long with other people surround you sometimes even causes unhappiness. Although you like to socialize, you also need time to enjoy yourself.

Spending time alone and doing what you like often can make you more re-energized, even it is just strolling around the park or laying down on a lazy chair with a cup of coffee.

Enjoying yourself alone gives you time and space and be honest about what you will do next.

10. Compare Life with Others

Without realizing it, comparing your life with others will dump you into unhappiness. We all live in different conditions so don’t expect everything will be the same.

Whether it looks like, job, achievement, or personal life, comparing just wastes your time. Instead of thinking about what other people have achieved, it is better to focus on yourself and do things that make you more grateful.

11. Feeling Insecure

Insecurity not only makes you unhappy but also affects your relationship with other people. 

Get to know what is behind your insecure feeling and find the best way to overcome them. Be more confident in everything you do.

Every person has different progress and doesn’t compare your result with others. It can reduce your chance of feeling insecure.

12. Unhealthy

Being unhealthy not only affects your physical health but also your mental health. 

Sleep enough, consume healthy food, keep hydrated, and regular exercise can make your life better.

13. Surrounded by Toxic People

If you are surrounded by people who like to think or act negatively, this will affect you. 

The unhappiness might come from external too. If it happens, it’s time to step back and think to mingle with better ones.

14. Feeling Lonely

If being alone is the source of your unhappiness, then you need to find friends or build relationships with other people, perhaps who have similar hobbies or interests. 

Building social relationship not only good for your mental state but also broaden your networking.

15. Too Materialistic

Happiness should be discovered in small things. So, if you only get happiness from materials things, you need to change your perception.

By knowing 15 little things that secretly make you unhappy you start to recognize when the unhappiness feeling comes. Then, it helps you to solve them by getting the right move or suitable treatment.

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