10 Best Ways to be More Grateful and Little Happier

When you start to be grateful for your life, you will notice that you can be happier. There are many things you have in life that other people only dream of them. 

Having many people loving you is a big blessing and when you feel more grateful for it, you will know that you have a great life.

There are some easy ways that you can do to make yourself feel more grateful.

Note down Your Gratitude List

You need to write down every single day in your diary about every great thing that you have received. It is a reminder that you have a great life to be grateful for. Some of the lists might be:

  1. Getting a gift from grandma
  2. Get breakfast from a neighbor
  3. Get a basket of strawberry from a friend
  4. Get a nice nap in the afternoon after working in the morning
  5. Have a nice chat with family during dinner

Remember Your Hard Times

When you remember how hard it was for you in the past, you will know that your current state is a gift from God. It is great that you can survive from those bad things and you can move on. It is a big thing to be grateful for. 

Reflect on Yourself

You need to analyze yourself to know yourself better. It is very easy by asking you 3 questions.

  1. What have I received from this person?
  2. What have I given to this person?
  3. What troubles have I caused to this person, family, or other people?

By doing so, you will know that you have bad and good sides. You know also that you have flaws and other people might understand you for that. 

Thus, you will feel more grateful and you want to do better for them. You want to make them know that you are happy having them in your life.

Pray to God

Whatever your religion is, being grateful is taught and there are many ways that you can do to express your gratitude. You can also pray to God to be more grateful and wish other people have more happiness in their life.

You need to thank God for everything that you have right now as you are healthy, full of passion, and accompanied by many people who love you so much.

Make Use of Your Sense

You have 5 senses in you and make sure you make use of them. You will know how to be more grateful when your body knows how to sense better.

  1. Taste the love of your mother’s cooking
  2. See the beauty of nature from God’s gift
  3. Touch your cute pet
  4. Smell the BBQ prepared by your father
  5. Hear the sound of chirping birds in the morning.

Doing those 5 things will surely make you feel more grateful as your life is full of happy things.

Let Others Point Out Your Great Life

If you forget about how great your life is, ask other people to answer it for you. 

You can let other people point out your great life one by one and you will appreciate it more. You might not notice it but other people might see it clearly.

It is hoped that you will cherish your life more as other people see you are having a great life.

Make a Vow to be Grateful Every Single Day

You need to write down your vow to be grateful every single day. Remember that life itself is a blessing and you need to cherish every moment of it.

‘I vow to be grateful for every of my single day’

‘I will always think that my life today is a blessing’

You can say both vows in front of the mirror every day to remind you about the promise you make to yourself.

Choose Nice Words to Express Your Mind

In order to feel more grateful every single day, you need to choose the words you say to other people. Have more words like givers, gifts, fortunate, etc. By doing so, you will notice that it is a great choice to speak in a grateful way.

You will notice that you try your best to be thankful for every little thing that you have in your life. By doing so, you will never underestimate every little gift that you receive and you will appreciate it more.

Put on a Smile and Say Thank You

When other people do something to you, respond quickly with a smile and say thank you. 

It is a reminder for you that you need to be more grateful for everything that you have. Some of the situations that require a ‘thank you’ are:

  1. Your father gives you pocket money
  2. Your mother cooks dinner for you
  3. Your little sister gives you a kiss
  4. Your cat cuddles at you
  5. Your friend visits you when you are sick
  6. Your neighbor gives you a bag of apples

Those things require your quick response immediately. You can also write a letter to your friends saying gratitude for everything they have done for you. 

You can also write a gratitude letter for your parents and siblings to appreciate them more.

Find Out the Silver Linings

In every hardship you have in life, there is a silver lining. You need to find out the lesson you get through the hardship and you will cherish your life more. 

Often the life lesson is obtained when you have been through some hardships. So, no need to feel discourage and keep moving forward as you have another day to live on.

Being grumpy and feel bad about your day will lead you to more complaints and it is not good for your health. Blaming others might lead you to forget the most meaningful thing in life. 

But, when you appreciate every little thing in your life, you will know that you have many things to be grateful for. Always remember that you live a great life and every little thing should be taken as a gift from God. 

Thus, you will feel more grateful and be happier.

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