10 Mindful Thinking Exercises That Bring Success You Can Try and See the Result

Success is the goal that people want to achieve in their life. The challenge is you will find tons of definitions about this one. 

You ask students about their success and the answer is interesting. In the office, you should bring the theme into leisure conversation. You may find unexpected answers about the meaning of success.

To be successful, you must try to push the limit event to surpass yourself. It takes two things you must consider such as effort and thinking. 

Your mind must be on the primary goal and some mindful thinking exercises will be useful to strengthen the condition. As you know, a strong mind will conquer the world. 

In the following section, you find 10 mindful thinking exercises that bring success. Choose and try some to get the result.

List of Some Exercises as Mindful Thinking

1. Mindful seeing and imagination

It starts with your mind and imagination to define success. You can use a mindful seeing exercise to imagine the situation when you reach the goal. 

This activity is necessary to solidify your purpose. Many people want to be a success such as having money, family, and others. 

On the other hand, few of them still consider intangible things such as maturity, peaceful life, and happy relationship. Any goal you want to achieve should be imagined. 

Take your time and lie down in the bed then start thinking about your goal.

2. Body scan

A body scan is an old technique related to meditation. The purpose is you know your own body from the top of the head until the feet. 

This exercise looks simple and easy but reaching the core of the process is difficult. You should stay still and think about what your arms and legs can do. 

After that, you move both to bring a sense of functionality. Repeat the process with other organs such as eyes, head, stomach, etc.

3. Mindful listening

The next exercise is mindful listening that can be useful for business and learning. You are an employee that will enter the meeting with clients. Your listening skill will be useful to understand what they want. 

To implement this exercise, you need a partner that provides conversation while you listen to what he or she just says. As an alternative, you use music or audiobook to understand the content.

4. Five sense exercises

Five sense exercise is useful to boost your mind and mental. This one has several steps such as seeing, listening, smelling, touching, and tasting. 

You use all senses that human has to understand the surrounding. As you know, the mind will process anything that comes from them and deliver the response. 

This one is also part of 10 mindful thinking exercises that bring success.

5. Stare at the center

Another exercise related to mindful thinking is you stare at the center. The purpose is you maintain the focus and control the mind. To do this one, prepare the printed-paper with a spiral pattern. 

It contains focus such as the dot at the center. You see deeply and keep your eyes on that spot for several minutes. 

To make it more interesting, try this exercise in an area with noise or a busy crowd. 

It requires great effort to succeed in this challenge. At least, you know that focus is necessary to bring success.

6. Feel the emotion

Human has a mind to think logically that is useful to overcome the issue. You need problem-solving and creative thinking. 

Both use the brain extensively with no emotion. Unfortunately, you cannot forget that you are a human. It is necessary to expose your feeling. 

Of course, this exercise must be at the right time and place. You can consider the morning after long sleeping as the best time to exercise this one.

7. Reading

One of the best methods in the list of 10 mindful thinking exercises that bring success in reading. Today, people tend to listen and watch to get more information. 

That’s not a bad thing to do due to the process is simple and easy. On the other side, the best way to strengthen your mind is by reading. 

This one is also the only exercise you must implement anytime anywhere.

One common question is the type of books you must read whether fiction or nonfiction. Both have good use that boosts the mind. 

You start with simple reading such as novel even comic is also useful. The goal is you exercise the mind to obtain the information not just from what has been written but the underlying meaning behind the content. 

More books will come based on your interest so that you have strong motivation to do more reading.

8. Follow the crowd

In this world, most people will pick common paths and choices. If you are in charge of marketing, knowing the customers and clients is the first thing on the list. 

In this situation, you have the opportunity to try a mindful exercise called following the crowd. People will put barriers and judgment on something that is different from them. 

You can pick your own way but knowing others is also part of the path to success.

9. Enjoy the nature

Mindful thinking will clear your mind, soul, and emotion. You need the right place and environment to implement the cleansing. 

The choice is nature where you can hear the wild birds, feel the fresh wind, and smell the soil.

10. Making conversation with the stranger

You can use conversation to find a new idea. The source is from the stranger you just meet while in the station. 

Mindful thinking requires a fresh idea and a new perspective. This will be available after you take time to greet and talk with a person you barely know.

From the above list, you understand that 10 mindful thinking exercises that bring success have various options. You do not need to follow them entirely because everyone has different priorities. 

As long as you enjoying the exercises, that is the most important thing to consider. Before implementing, prepare the goal and make sure to follow the schedule.  

You also use the quantitative measurement to value your achievement before relying on the qualitative method.

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