10 Signs that you are living a Fake Life

What is life? Breath, eat, die? It is not only that. Everyone must breathe, right? Eat and one day will surely die. 

But death is not something we can time out. This life runs according to its laws and regulations. 

Many people are satisfied with the life their lives, but many are not satisfied with their life, billions of people living on this earth, of course, have their values, cultures, and beliefs. Many of them do not realize the 10 signs of living a fake life.

Many historical events take place, wars, peace all alternating like day and night in our lives. 

Television shows soap operas, Korean dramas, and beautiful girls on the catwalk walking in the latest high fashion clothes. All move in one direction which is life. 

We see a lot of artists from various backgrounds growing and developing on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter with various content and symbols. 

So that at this time a new profession has also grown, namely influencers, contents creators, You Tuber, and a lot of professions from what was not a child’s dream nowadays.

Not a few of those who use the internet or in real life turn into people who are not real people. 

They are part of a live soap opera that we can watch every day on many platforms that are secretly spreading tons of lies. 

There are a lot of things that aren’t real and don’t happen. People see what they want to see.

A lie, falsehood, sounds like you? No? Wait maybe you just didn’t realize that you were in a fake life. Want to know if you are in a fake life or not? Check out this 10 signs of living in fake life;

You are spending money to enable yourself to face life. For example, you buy expensive food, branded clothes, the latest cellphones just so you can feel like you are living life well.

You live only to wait for the holidays. You hate the weekdays, want a quick weekend. You hate what you do every day. You just want to have a comfortable day.

You socialize with people who you think can increase your prestige without actually being friends with them. 

if they are people who have a lot of followers on Instagram, for example, then you will often hang out with them. 

This is a social life that you don’t want to live. but you need your prestige. Then it is certain that your life is a fake life.

Think about whether you love the person you are currently dating. Or just want popularity or prestige. The pattern is the same. 

You dated him but you didn’t love him. This is very sad. If you continue to live like this you will never feel true love.

You only think about other people’s opinions. You don’t have your voice in you. Your life goal is just to impress someone. 

You don’t even know what you want. This can be stressful and if you don’t realize it you will be immersed in these 10 signs of living a fake life.

You question what the true happiness of life is. You can’t feel it because you are never honest with yourself. 

Happiness for you is usually only limited to the pleasure of having material things but lacks peace in sleep and often feels empty without cause. 

This is dangerous because if you let it be you will feel that life is useless at all

You start to get excited about doing anything other than pleasing others you don’t pay attention to what your deepest desires are as an individual. 

Your accomplishments are just to meet other people’s standards. Maybe you go to an expensive gym just to impress your friends on Instagram. 

Things like this besides being a waste are also a waste of time. Because no matter what we do, people are will find something bad to say about us.

What other people believe in you is more important than what you believe. This has a huge impact on the choices in life and the way you see things. 

You are afraid to be different, you are e afraid of losing your followers. Your life begins to feel empty.

You often feel alone in a crowd. How busy an event is, or how crowded the roads are you often feel lonely and empty. 

Nothing interests you. Nothing can make you smile nothing can provoke a sense of joy in your heart. Everything feels bland and you sometimes cry for no reason.

The last from 10 signs of living a fake life is the worst. When you feel very depressed and feel that life has no meaning for you anymore. Feel sorry for yourself.

If you experience the things mentioned above, you certainly experience many falsehoods in your life. Life feels empty because you can’t be honest even with yourself. 

Therefore, if you see one of the 10 signs of living a fake life, talk to someone, such as someone you trust, a counselor, or a psychologist.

Tell yourself that no one wants to be responsible for yourself but yourself. 

Therefore take full responsibility, do not blame the situation or others if you have seen this is a wrong thing and must be corrected immediately.

You will not be able to make a good contribution to life if you continue to hide behind the fake mask of perfection. Restore your confidence. 

Life is too short if it is just made to please other people. So you must be wise in responding to what is happening in your life right now.

Don’t hide behind the popularity of your friends or branded items, or the charming boyfriend you have. Love them for who they are. 

Don’t be afraid to be different; don’t be afraid of being hated for being honest. Live your best till the end. So get out from the 10 signs of living a fake life. Good luck.

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