9 Tips in How to Have a Perfect Day Everyday

Having a perfect day actually is not very hard, whether you are feeling rushed, hurried, or busy, you can still have your perfect moment. It depends mostly on your mood. 

If your mood is in there and willing to enjoy each of the times, you can change the moment from worse to the best day in your life.

You have to be aware that the decision to change the moment is in your hand. Most people cannot enjoy their day because their mind is in different places. In their mind, there are a million things going around which make them cannot see what’s in front of them.

Thinking about the tasks, schedule that you have to do in that week when you are supposed to spend time with your loved ones will only turn your day into the most difficult and stressed day. 

It only needs few simple and little things to do to turn your day into your amazing day. 

Here are 9 tips on how-to-have-a-perfect day-everyday in every situation.

1. Do Less

We understand that most people might have a very busy schedule in a day. Doing almost everything in a day surely will give you more time to relax the other day. 

But, you must remember that stuffing all your task in just a day will only make you feel stressed, disturbed, and cannot enjoy the present moment.

If it is still possible, cut your schedule in half and move it to another day. Prioritize the most important or urgent task that cannot be moved to another day. 

This way, you are able to focus on the task and can still enjoy every moment of the day. Turn out, you will have a better day.

2. Finish the Most Important Task

Still related to the previous point, finish the most important task first is the key to have a perfect day every day. 

To classify which things are the most important, you can see whether they will give a big impact on your life or not over the long run, both career and personal life.

If you are able to finish this huge task, it will give you a great impact in the long run. Trust me, you will feel more relieved and happy.

3. Decluttering Your Space

Working in a cluttered space, whether it is in your home or your office, will level up your stress and make you feel less happy. Therefore, start decluttering your personal space in your life can boost your mood and happiness. 

It also can help you to improve your work performance. You can start to declutter a little space of your life such as a shelf and a drawer.

4. Bring Your Soul and Mind into Present Moment

When you are in a busy schedule, you most likely use your time to think about all the schedules and tasks you have to do on that day. 

Your physics might be there, but your mind is in the other dimension. Turn out. it will make you miss every prime moment with people around you.

One of the most important 9 tips in how-to-have-a-perfect-day-everyday is actually brought yourself into the present moment. This is not very difficult to do actually. 

You just have to be more focused on what you are doing, who you are with, and where you are right now. Obsessing over things to do in the future actually cannot help you to finish them at all.

5. Plan Things that Will Make You Happier

If you want to have a perfect day every day, then you must understand what things that will make you happy that day. 

Start by listing things that will make your life happier, it can be four to five most significant things. After listing all those things, you start planning your life schedule based on those things.

Make sure that at least every day you can do or get all those four to five most important things. Therefore, you have to plan all the steps needed in order to achieve these most important things. 

It is always important to make sure that you get what you want in life in order to make your day happier.

6. Listening to Music

This tips is actually just optional and might be different from person to person. 

But, if you are the type of person who will feel more relaxed after listening to music, then I suggest you do it whenever you feel more stressed out. 

You can also turn on the radio while riding in the car to listen to music. Music is able to relax every muscle in your body.

7. Wake Up Early

There are many types of research and studies showed that wake up early is able to boost your mood and energy during the day. 

This is a good habit that you need to get used to so that you will have a healthier life. 

By waking up early, you will have extra time to relax, prepare your preferred morning breakfast, get exercise, or do whatever things that can wake your soul in the morning.

8. Take a Short Break

Don’t push your body and your mind too much. When you start feeling fatigued and cannot concentrate any more on the things that you are doing, it means that it is time for you to take a short break. 

Every people have a different way to take a short break. You can take a short nap, take a deep breath and release all the burden in your mind, or step out of the room into nature.

9. Put a Smile on Your Face

Smiling is actually just a simple and easiest thing to do in order to help you maintain a perfect day. 

By putting a little smile on your face while wake up in the morning, you stimulate your brain to think positively throughout the day. 

You can also spread a little smile at all the people you know, or even at strangers. Trust me, it will bring positive energy for you.

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