10 Habits That Help You Change Your Life for the Better

All forms of resolution that have been written are indeed excited to be achieved. 

All plans are being drawn up including the efforts being put together so that whatever is done can be carried out with enthusiasm.

However, a good plan is not enough to help us to achieve the success and happiness that we dream of. 

We also need good habits that must be started early on. In fact, some of these good habits are very effective in changing our lives for the better than before. 

What are they?

1. Consistency should be prioritized rather than perfection

We need to understand that when we set our goal or expectation, we need to have realistic plans. 

An unrealistic plan will make us regret it when we cannot achieve me. Therefore, we need to be realistic in our plan. 

Over this kind of thing, we need to put consistency as part of our life. Consistency is related to continuous effort to get realistic goals or expectations.

2. Create a schedule of activities from morning to evening

If you are used to using a to-do list for work every day, then keep doing it. It is because this will make you disciplined and more productive in your activities. 

You don’t even need to wait to work at a company with a predetermined target that requires you to list your activities. But you can write down even those good activities at home.

It is true that training ourselves in the discipline of writing activities every day will train us to regularly go through the day. 

If you seem bored, you can combine and it’s not wrong to swap activities on another day, to be more varied and make you even more excited.

3. Make a list of gratitude regularly

It looks easy to do but is often overlooked because it is not usually done. Remember every incident in our life for later we are grateful for together. 

The pros and cons of everything that happens in our lives are what make us who we are today. Whether it’s good or bad, everything is the result of our effort. 

But not many see how we struggle with uneasy processes. Try to regularly write down a gratitude list that happens in your daily life. 

You can write it at the beginning of the day or the end of the day. It’s all the same. Because the most important thing is how you can see the process you have gone through and be grateful for whatever you get. 

Practice gratitude regularly, then you will find it easier to do many other things.

4. Do not underestimate the time, get used to getting up early

If you feel that your life hasn’t changed from year to year, be brave enough to make changes, especially from yourself first. Try to discipline your time. 

Get up early even though you’re not in school or work. You must change the habit of getting up late even though you are on vacation.

Big changes start from small changes that become habits, including changing the habit of waking up during the day, which makes us often waste time on other activities.

Try to feel how warm the morning air is, even exercising will not make you lazy because of the heat, you will even do more activities if you wake up earlier.

5. Focus on solutions, instead of focus on problems

Everyone naturally faces problems in their life. Difficult or easy, all have the right to immediately get rid of the problem or try to forget without solving it. 

In Psychology, everyone has 2 abilities to manage problems which are quite commonly used. Focus on the problem or focus on the solution.

If you focus more on the problem, you will only struggle to find reasons and the causes for the problem to occur. Your goal is to find reasons to blame or just convince yourself.

But, if you focus on solutions, you will not remain silent when facing problems. You probably already know what the reason is. So, you can immediately find a solution that can be used to solve the problem.

You won’t waste time being convinced, but you will focus more on solutions that you can do to complete. Now, it is your job to choose what to make as your habit.

6. Do a review every weekend

Not many do this, but for those who are used to doing it, it can be a good habit. Are you used to writing plans at the beginning of the week for your activities, are you also used to doing reviews every weekend?

It should be done because everything you have done, whether it is successful or not, all must be evaluated. Therefore, you will have a better understanding of what is wrong and what is right. 

That’s why you can immediately find a solution if you experience failure and can develop ways if it feels right.

Reviewing will help you much because you have done a lot of activities over the past week. You don’t have to always be successful; you can be grateful even if you experience failure.

7. Dare to try to do new habits

It is about your courage to do new habits. In addition to resolutions in terms of achievements and activities, you also need to write down your good and bad habits in the past year. 

Correct yourself so you can make your plan for improvement for this time. One of the things you must do this year is to create and do your new habit. 

Success or not, all you need is the courage to try. Some of the habits above can become new habits for you. Try to do it, if it’s wrong, fix it immediately.

8. Accept yourself

Not everyone understands the concept of accepting and loving oneself. It is not narcissistic because you think too much about yourself. 

However, accepting and loving ourselves helps us more easily develop our potential according to the things we like. Accepting ourselves as we are, loving, and developing our potential can be habits that we cultivate from an early age. 

Start accepting whatever our circumstances. Maintaining health and developing ourselves is one of the ways we love ourselves. 

Get into habits not only make us productive but also happy and enjoy doing them.

9. Decide what you want to achieve in the next few years

Decide what you want to plan for the next few years. From starting your own business to buying your first house. 

Planning is an important part of making sure you get what you want. Life is filled with many possibilities that might happen, so you must know what you want to achieve so that you can move the wheels of life properly.

10. Make sure you have a conversation partner to share with

Conversation partners are important to give you support, praise, or criticism about what you are doing. 

It’s good if you share your problems with them because it seems that there is another person who can support you

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