How to Save Money in 11 Simple Ways

The following topic introduces you to 11 simple ways how to save money. It can be an attractive topic for anyone and may bring you a guilty feeling. It seems an easy thing to do. 

Everyone has the intention to save money. Unfortunately, it will be a challenging effort to do. You may come up with unexpected spending, which may postpone your plan for saving money. 

Now let us see the below tips that can help you to save money. 

1. End Your Debt

It will be useless if you plan to save money and still carry a burden of debt. The best way to start is by ending your debt. 

You can check your monthly debt and evaluate it. It will make you wonder and surprise knowing how much you spend on your debt. Without realizing it, you have to pay some amount of money on debt. 

So, you have to end it now. You can keep the debt interest money for your savings account.  

2. Budget the Grocery

It can be a happy moment when you walk down in supermarket aisle. You can grab this and that at ease. You can take anything from food to snack zone.

Until you reach the supermarket cashier then it comes up with the bill. It will make you realize how much the spending. 

One of the simple ways to save money is by budgeting your grocery. You have to list and set the budget for what you are going to buy. Through this way, it can help you to stick to your budget plan. 

3. Buy Discount

It is better to check for a discount on anything you plan to buy. You should find out the best offer. If you are lucky you may get the best deal as well. 

The discount can be valid for various things. Let say your children want to go to the museum for a school project. 

Thus, you can check whether from its official website or the ticket counter if they have a special price. 

4. Pay in Cash

Paying in cash is also recommended as the best way to save money. Make sure you have enough money before you go and leave your credit card at home. 

Through this way, you can pay your spending at ease. By having cash, it is helpful to force you into buying things that only fit your budget. 

Besides, you can also avoid paying a monthly bill and its interest on your credit card. 

5. Save Your Energy Cost

Nowadays, electricity is used mostly in everything. You will need it for the kitchen, room, working, etc. Thus, you can not avoid paying energy costs each month. 

However, there is a way for you to save money on your electricity bills. You can start by using energy-saving tools in your house. 

Although it is an expensive cost to buy, it will make you spend less money on your monthly bill. 

6. Lower Mobile Phone Bill

The mobile phone is also a necessary thing for us. You can not deny paying this regular bill each month. 

You have to check your monthly phone bill, whether it competes with your grocery bill or not. If yes, you must reduce it as soon as possible. 

In a simple way to save money, it advises you to cut off some expensive data plans and switch to cheaper ones. You can also cut off any useless warranties from your phone. 

7. Pack Your Lunch

You can prepare your lunch with a healthy menu and easy to carry. There are many options for lunch menus, such as salad or sandwiches. 

You may not realize how this can affect your spending until you do it, especially when you have a family with children. After a week, you can feel the benefit of doing this strategy. 

It can make your body and saving account healthy. 

8. Bring Bottled Drink Before Leaving

Let us buy a new stainless-steel bottle instead of buying bottled water every time you are out. Although you may pay a little bit more for the stainless bottle, it allows you to reuse it. 

Carrying a bottle includes one of the simple ways to save money. You can bring this bottle everywhere you go. You see the result of this method after a month you work on it. 

9. Skip The Coffee Shop.

You may be one of those who adore coffee. If you say yes, it means this recommendation can be a little bit painful for you. 

Spending on the coffee shop can be around $5 per cup. However, you have to calculate it per day and sum it up for a week. It shows you how much you spend on the coffee shop. 

As an alternative, you can make your coffee at home. You can choose a coffee product from the shop or buy it from your neighborhood. 

It can be the best way to save your money. 

10. Plan A Staycation

A vacation becomes the best temptation for you who run a program about 11 simple ways to save money. You will see various places that you want to visit with your loved one. 

Yet, you have to remember your goal and focus on it as your top priority. As an option, it is possible to switch your vacation with staycation plans. It sounds interesting and exciting as well. 

Make a plan to visit the neighborhood area and prepare a picnic lunch to enjoy. You can also set up your garden and have lunch with family there. 

11. Do DIY in Everything

Your house needs a repair whether it is for a small or big thing. Take, for example, repaint your fence. Before you decide to spend cash to pay a painter, you can buy paint and do it yourself. 

The material will not cost you a lot if you compare hiring someone to do it. Do not forget to find the paint with the best price too.  

There is plenty of DIY repairment from Google or YouTube for you to learn. 

Through this, you will save a lot of money for your latest home project as a part of 11 simple ways to save money. 

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