10 Little Habits that Wreck Your Happy and Successful Life

Habits shape your character and play an important role in all achievements of your life. Hence, it’s important to avoid 10 habits that wreck your life since they can destroy your happiness and wellbeing. 

Let’s check what bad habits that often we do daily yet unwittingly wreck our life in the long run.

1. Expect Progress without Making Any Change

What you can expect when doing the same things, again and again, is a similar result. This is the key. If you expect progress or different result, you need to make a change in your different habits. 

If you cannot doing the big chance at once, just start with a smaller change and make it consistent.

Once you have gotten used to the small change, you can improve it more and more. 

You need courage and willingness to leave your comfort zone to take a chance, something that often makes many people reluctant to do so if they already achieve their comfortable state.

2. Waiting for the Perfect Time

A perfect time doesn’t exist until you make it. It’s something that you not waiting for but something you should create. Don’t waste your time by waiting for a perfect moment. 

Instead, create your perfect moment by confidently taking the next step and keep learning to achieve your goals.

Use your ability to reach your highest potential. Learn and obtain value from the mistakes. Find the ways to act in imperfect situations. Then, you will be experienced in everything you do.

3. Envy Everyone’s Success and Forgetting Your Own

Continuously comparing your achievements with other’s success slowly destroys your happy life. 

Set limitations to look at other people, especially what they expose in social media because it only shows their happy and perfect life which are amazingly attractive in the eyes of other people.

If you use all your time to look at other people, you start forgetting yours. Expecting your life to run like others is completely unfair. 

It’s because we come with different backgrounds as well as have different experiences and goals. Besides, each person has their own timeline. So, you’re better to focus on how to steps forward.

4. Holding Fears and Worries

Feeling fear or worry about something is normal but never let them control your life. You might have bad experiences that make you worry to do the same things. 

These should be left on your back. When you hold them days by day, they waste your energy and make you miss many opportunities

Turn your fears and worry into awareness. This helps you to prepare something well for your best performance. 

Besides, this will make you more productive since you have the willingness to learn more so you can do anything well.

5. Having Close Mind to Something New

Closing your mind to new things is one of 10 habits that wreck your life. 

Having a good understanding is not enough to be a wise person. Everything can change and so does the point of view. To be successful, you shouldn’t always be right. Instead, you need to leave that assumption.

Never stop learning and give input to yourself either by reading books or discussing with other people. Be a good listener and appreciate different opinions. 

This will help to broaden your knowledge and mind. Takes time to share what you’ve obtained too.

6. Not Appreciating What Have Been Owned

One of the big effects if you like to compare yourself with others is you will not appreciate your life and what you have. 

We forget that we also achieving things and get much easiness but because we too focusing on others we cannot see ours.

Learn to be thankful in your daily life, even for the small things. No matter how many achievements you get, if you don’t have time to be grateful for that blessings, you will never feel enough and happy.

7. Dwelling on The Past

Everything related to the past already happened and you cannot change anything about it. 

All you have to do with the past is accept it. If there is anything you can change, it is your future. Use your present time to improve yourself so you can handle your future well.

If you are focusing on anything you do at the present, you can live happier and have more time to plan your future. You can think wisely about your future goals and things you like to achieve further.

8. Let Toxic People Control You

Having toxic people surrounding you can be a big problem if you let them give an impact on your life. 

No matter what you do to impress them, they always have excuses to criticize you. If you think too much about them, they will remove the joy and happiness from your life.

Be confident, leave them and build relationships with people that treat others with respect and kindness. If those people are in your inner circle, just don’t let them control you.

9. Expect to Control What You Can’t

Only control something under your control, which is yourself and what you do. 

Don’t try to control something beyond you, like other people and situations. Everything can happen unexpectedly, all you have to do is just prepare for it.

Never try to change other people or expect situations to run under your expectations or you will end up disappointed.

10. Criticizing Yourself Too Much

Setting targets for yourself is important and when you fail on achieving them, evaluating them will help you know your mistakes. 

Don’t let negative self-talk entering your mind. People likely start to criticize themselves if they are disappointed or due to people’s words.

Be kind to yourself, it’s okay to look back and get some points to improve yourself. Just don’t be harsh to yourself because it ruins your happiness.

There is no perfect life but we can create a happy life. And avoiding 10 habits that wreck your life is one of the ways for you to live happier and more focused to plan your success in the future.

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