Want To Have A Good Smell Throughout The Day? Try These Ten Tips

It is bothering to stay near a person who has a bad body odor. 

Then it will be very frustrating if we out that the person is actually us! We want to smell good for the whole day. 

We might have applied deodorants daily, but people around us are trying to keep their distance from us. 

So, what should we do to have a good smell throughout the day? Keep reading this article and stay confident!

1. Apply Skin Lotion

Some women think that skin lotion is only for moisturizing the skin. 

Though this is true, the skin lotion with a good smell can last better, right after a shower. It is even better when you apply the lotion when the skin is still in a moist condition. 

Popular brands provide a series of skincare and perfume with similar scents. You can try this and be confident that you can smell good throughout the day. 

For the best result, you can also apply night skin lotion to maximize the moisturizing effect. It doesn’t only boost your mood, but also your confidence.

The skin lotion that you should choose is the one with a high level of moisturizer. You can smell good and enjoy healthy skin at the same time. 

Organic skin lotion products are available widely in the marketplace, so you can choose the one that meets your need and budget.

2. The Right Way To Shower

How do you take a shower? Do you apply the soap until you feel like the foam is covering you totally? There is nothing wrong with it. 

The scent of the soap still can linger temporarily. Yet, if you focus more on the body parts that produce ‘smell,’ you can enjoy a longer fragrance on the body. 

Clean your armpits, butts, and groin more thoroughly than other body parts.  Once you finish, you can linger for at least two minutes in the shower for the sake of total freshness.

3. Wear Well-Scented Clothes

Well-scented clothes are good for you to feel confident throughout the day. 

You need to ensure that you use high-quality laundry detergent, as it ensures protection against any bacteria. Believe it or not, bacteria can cause a bad smell.

4. Good-Scented Hair

Women are proud of their hair. They will pay attention to its hair care. 

But, some women wash their hair every other day and consider that they are fine with this habit. 

The fact is that washing hair every day is still good for keeping the hair healthy and smelling good. 

Getting a good smell of hair is as simple as doing what the shampoo label says. Repeating the process of lathering and rinsing the hair is not just a theory.  

It is also recommended to concentrate on shampooing the scalp more before rinsing the hair.  The scalp is the main source of bacteria from sweat. 

So, you can be sure that your head has a good smell.

5. Consume The Right Food

Believe it or not, the food that we consume can impact the smell of the body and breath. Foods contain several substances that are poured altogether into the body’s digestion. 

The circulating nutrients can influence the sweat smell.  One of the main causes of body odor is garlic. 

Regardless of its excellent health benefit, the consumption of garlic should be limited. 

It is also somewhat surprising that some vegetables that contain gases like broccoli and cauliflower can trigger a bad odor. 

They can increase the sweat nitrogen in the body. When the skin bacteria break it down, then the skin will produce a bad smell.

6. Deodorant Rules

Nothing beats the effectiveness of deodorant to keep the body in a good smell. The deodorant prevents bromhidrosis. 

This is the process of sweat that encounters the skin bacteria. Choices of deodorants vary, in which users can choose the one that stops the sweat from coming out from the armpit pores.

7. Choose The Right Soap

When it comes to soap choices, liquid soap is much better than regular soap. The smell that it provides can last longer.  

However, certain kinds of soap can kill good bacteria, so it is recommended to avoid using this soap. Some soaps contain anti-bacteria, which are mostly recommended to be used after a series of exercises. 

They are still fine to use. But, it is better to use highly moisturized soap frequently.

8. Make Sure Everything is Clean Around Us

Keep in mind that various kinds of pollution surround us. It can be from the vehicles, smells of cooking, and so forth. So, it is always recommended to take a shower twice a day. 

Change your clothes right after you cook or clean the house. You might not realize that the smell of your fried fish may bother your husband, as well! 

This is because we don’t realize that we don’t smell good. After all, the smell in our house seems ‘fine’ for us. Others may not smell the same way. 

9. Perfumes Variants

We might have several bottles of perfume. We like to use them daily. However, we can apply different ways of applying your perfume. 

For example, you can apply spray perfumes today and cream perfume on the other day. Try different aromas to be sure that you don’t provide the same smell every day.

10. Linens Play The Major Role

We sleep for eight hours, and we don’t realize that we were sweating during the night. 

We can’t avoid sweating, but we can minimize the smell of the sheet by spraying it every night before we go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel fresh and scented.

Nothing is better when we smell good all day. We can be confident in meeting lots of people throughout the day, and we can also enjoy after-hours parties at night.  So, don’t hesitate to try!

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