10 Things to Do to Become More Productive

Everyone surely wants to become more productive in their life. Having a balanced home life, work-life and personal relationship is the biggest dream for every people. 

But, it is not always the case for some people. Many people suffer from unproductivity in their life. 

Many of them think that they are more likely wasting so much time of their life, which makes their life unorganized.

It turned out that their work cannot be done quickly, and their home life is suffering. 

Actually, you can change your life better if you follow these simple 10 things to do to become more productive. 

Being more productive means that you can balance home life, work-life and personal relationships to manage your healthy life outside and inside.

Become More Productive

1. Start You Day with Good Energy

To have a successful and more productive day, you have to start your day with good energy. Everyone surely has their own source of good energy. 

Some people might get good energy in the morning by doing regular mourning routines such as opening up the windows, making a cup of coffee, prayer, or other routines that can make you feel more energized, relaxed, and motivated.

Some people might get good energy by doing a 30-minute yoga in the morning. Whatever activities that you think are good for your day, do it in the morning!

2. Avoiding Electronic Device in the First and Last Hour of Day

Many experts said that avoiding your electronic device such as a smartphone in the first and last hour of your day is the best strategy to become more focused on an entire day. 

Regularly checking your phone, especially in the morning and evening, will surely interrupt your focus on that day.

You can change your activity at this crucial time by doing more productive works such as knitting or learning how to knit, playing a board game, gardening, planting flowers, baking cookies, or just read a book.

3. Turn Off Notifications on Your Phone

Getting disturbed by notifications from the phone is one of the most factors that make people lose their focus. 

There are so many entertaining social media apps that keep on tempting you to check on them. 

But, doing this, checking on the social media apps notifications, will disturb your concentration.

You can either turn off the social media app notifications to lower the distraction or change the phone’s screen to darker, such as grayscale color. Removes color from the phone’s display will lower the temptation.

4. Schedule Your Next Week Plans

Having so many plans for the next week cannot be done perfectly if you don’t schedule your plan before. 

It is recommended to schedule next week’s plan before not forgetting your target and plan. Delegate all of your tasks tidily on your calendar to avoid any missed plans. 

You can give enough space on the calendar if there is something important happens.

5. Stop to Become a Master of Multi – Tasking

Although becoming a multi-tasker is very appealing to do because you can get many things done simultaneously, this is not always the case. 

Research shows that becoming a multi-tasker and changing your tasks more than ten times can lower your IQ by an average of ten points. 

Turn out; regularly multitasking can make you easily forget important things and decrease concentration.

It is better to focus on just one task and effectively do it promptly rather than changing to so many tasks in a day. 

6. Do not Postpone Doing Challenging Tasks

Many people tend to delay doing challenging tasks and choose to finish the easy one first. 

This is not a good strategy to become more productive since challenging work requires more concentration and focus. Therefore, you cannot leave the most challenging task at the end.

If you want to immediately finish the most challenging task, you have to work on it when your brain is still fresh. 

Otherwise, you can do the easiest task at the end since it does not consume a lot of focus and concentration. You can do more things if you schedule your day this way.

7. Getting More Organized Using Organization App

You can become more organized by scheduling your tasks and plans for that day. For some people, using the calendar method is already enough for them to become more productive. 

But, this is not always the case for other people that cannot achieve full productivity by using the “Traditional method.”

Several organization apps are available on Google Play Store or the App Store that you can download for free and install on your phone. 

Many experts even recommend using this organization app since it can help people manage multiple to-do lists, track time, prioritize well-being, organize address books, or track various tasks.

8. Prioritize Self – Care

Many people often forget to prioritize self–care when they are busy. Actually, it is essential to put yourself first since it can help you become more productive in life.

9. Schedule Specific Time for Checking Emails

Research done by American Psychological Association in 2017 shows that regularly checking email and responding to it, even on your holiday, can intensify your stress level. 

For those who have become regular email checkers, it is recommended that you schedule a specific time in a day to check emails and correspond to them.

For example, you can allocate 30 minutes every three hours for checking and responding to emails.

10. Give Your Body a Break

Everyone needs a break, even if it is just for a moment. 

Expert says that people who are tired instead of taking a break will end up in a rabbit hole and cannot get anything done. 

You are recommended to follow all of these 10 things to become more productive and become a better person.

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