Things Don’t Go As Planned? Stop Doing These Ten Things

Feeling disappointed when things went wrong? There are actually 10 things to stop doing when life doesn’t go as planned. We often think that we have accomplished what we have been fighting for. 

But, it ended up with disappointment, because things don’t go as planned. Everyone likes it when everything goes as it was planned. It is fun to control everything. 

But, of course, it wouldn’t happen all the time. There are times when we have to face terrible things, even if we had been very careful in doing them. 

10 Things To Stop Doing When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

Keep in mind that everyone experiences similar things. So, comfort yourselves by doing these tips: 

1. Stop Feeling Guilty

There are circumstances that we can’t control, even if we had involved with it. It has never been fair to blame ourselves, particularly if we had done the best that we could. 

Well, there are some things that we might be responsible for. If it does, then you can fix things up without feeling too much guilt. 

Guilty feelings may cause terrible impacts, both for you and the people around you. 

2. Feeling Like A Failure

Of course, failure is a shame. Fortunately, everyone experiences it, at least seven times in his life. There will be a great resistance at first. We must be complaining a lot about what we’ve been through. 

Yet, there are times when we feel that we have had things enough. We fight and resist, but things didn’t go as expected. If it happens, then we should let go. 

If we feel like experiencing a failure, we will be very frustrated and blame ourselves. This is the beginning of a depression. When it happens, start doing the right things after we learned our mistakes. 

Build up your confidence and start from the very beginning. Nothing is too late to recover. 

3. Feeling Upset Incessantly

Feeling upset doesn’t change anything. It won’t bring back things that you once imagined. The only thing that changes is how others’ impression of your anger. 

When you were totally upset and made others feeling annoyed with it, then you will lose good people around you. Nobody wants to make friends with ill-tempered persons. 

Control your thoughts and feelings. Your anger won’t solve anything. 

4. Feeling Sad

It is normal to feel sad. But the sadness should never stop us from reaching our next goal. 

A long-lasting gloomy feeling will diminish our productivity. It means it will bring a major impact on our life. It is hard to face the truth, but we should go on to continue our life process. 

Though it seems easier said than done, we need to fight for it. There must be positive things that happen when things don’t go as planned. 

At least, you have been through those rocky roads, successfully. Never judge yourself for making a failure.

5. Feeling Anxious

Anxiety is normal among people who don’t get what they might have expected before. When things don’t go as they were planned, it can be due to our mistake, or others. 

Some people feel responsible for unexpected things, which are caused by others. It is now the time to stop this feeling. Don’t let ourselves feel guilty for others’ behavior. Besides, we can’t control everything. We need just to give up or give in. 

You are not losing against others and the other way around. All you should learn is to get rid of your anxiety, by realizing that reality takes place. 

6. Hesitate To Move On

Sometimes, it is hard to accept the unpredictable life. Nobody can control one’s life. When you don’t want to move on, then you can’t accept the truth. 

It will make your life hopeless because reality will never change. You should change your way of thinking. Or else, the suffering will catch you up. It will waste your time and energy. Your struggle of controlling things that you can’t do is effortless. 

So, the only thing that you should do is just releasing your expectations and accepting what happens. It’s not about losing or winning. 

When you can’t change your situation, then you can start changing how you respond to it and think further to get a better life. 

7. Losing Control

It is time to focus more on what you should do next. All you have to do is to believe that everything will be better if you are more careful in what you think and act. 

Stay focusing and remove all the emotional feelings. Don’t make any decision when you’re still emotionally upset. There is no doubt that your decision will lead to nothing. 

Don’t forget that you can’t control all people. You might be able to control your kids, though it shouldn’t be done in the wrong way. 

But, whenever you try to control others to follow everything that you think is best, then you will lose good relationships with friends and families. 

8. Lingering To The Problem

We must be having some friends who keep telling us their miseries all the time. How do you feel when we listen to the same stories again and again? 

Keep lingering on the problems will not solve them either. Instead, we won’t learn from our mistakes and keep blaming others for things that we can’t control. What’s more, your friends will avoid seeing you.

9. Drowned in Misery

Just go out and relax! This is definitely the best way when life doesn’t go as planned. Things don’t change if you stay depressed. So, why worry?

10. Low in Energy

Exercise! If you are not getting used to it, then you can start simply by stretching. Then, start walking around the park nearby your house. 

Blood flow circulation can help to refresh your body and mind. Don’t underestimate the power of regular exercise in dealing with all things in life.

So, don’t let sadness and anxiety come in your way. Or else, you will end up in misery and ruin yourself with your unnecessary thoughts.

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