10 Small Thoughts That Sabotage You From Achieving Success

No matter what we are doing and what our job is everyone has a dream to become a success. 

When you want to achieve success in everything you do whether it is about building your own company, having a relationship, having a family, learning a language, etc you need to be careful about the small thoughts that can sabotage you from achieving success.

The lists below will tell you about those tiny thoughts that prevent you from achieving your full potential to be successful in life.

1. Thinking that procrastinating can help you

Are you the type of person who always puts off doing things until the last minute? This is what they call procrastinating. Procrastination is like debt. 

It is fun to do in the beginning until you have to pay back in the future. If you are anything serious about achieving success in your life whether it is about learning a new language or going to the gym, this is the right time to do so. 

Procrastination will always prevent you from doing what you need to do and it is your job to deal with it. Go read that book you have postponed to read a year ago. 

Go hit the gym. Start learning a new language. Start your business now! To avoid procrastination you can break your goals into small parts. 

This will trick your brain into thinking that it is easy to do it without exerting so much energy. Breaking your goal into small attainable goals can help you get started and kill procrastination.

2. Having Pessimistic way of thinking in Life

There is something that is more dangerous than failure, it is negative thoughts. Having a pessimistic outlook in life is like walking around with a chain on your leg. 

Even if you can walk you won’t be able to go far and reach your goal. Moreover, people who have negative thoughts will create a self-fulfilling prophecy because they act based on their mindsets. As a result, they only get negative outcomes.

Stop being so negative about your life and don’t play the victim. Every cloud has a silver lining and negative things in life actually have positive sides. 

Did you just get laid off by your company, maybe it is time for you to plunge into entrepreneurship and start to become your own boss.

3. Lack of motivation to keep going

Staying motivated all the time is not realistic. People are humans and they have different kinds of emotions. However, in order to keep going and achieve success, you need to have the driving force, that spark that ignites you to stay on track and fight against all odds.

It is okay to feel down and discouraged sometimes but don’t dwell there. You can find motivational videos, movies, and even people to help you get inspired to keep going to achieve your goals.

4. Thinking that failure is so painful

In life, there are things that require repeated failures in order to get good at it. Success does not come from the absence of failure, it comes from the repeated failures. 

Take the example of the invention of light bulbs. The inventor of the light bulb had to fail more than 1.000 times in order to finally learn how to design the light bulb that can change how society works. 

What would happen if the inventor gave up halfway? We wouldn’t be able to have a light bulb in our house right?

Failure is important in life. This is not what you get from school. In school, if you fail in your exams you are a failure, but in life, you need to fail over and over again in order to finally learn and get experience. 

Failure does not define you and it never will as long as you have the courage and drive to keep going.

5. Thinking that hobbies equal success

Do you have hobbies? Of course, you do. Everyone has something they like to do. One person may like to paint; the others may like to make a computer program or build things. 

But there is something you need to know about your hobby. Having a hobby alone is not enough for you to achieve huge success in life. The truth you need to know is that it takes a lot of work and persistence rather than doing it for the sake of having a hobby. 

If you only do your work because of a hobby then you will have a bigger chance of giving up if you don’t like that hobby anymore.

If you really are anything serious about achieving success you have to evaluate your plans. 

Figure out what things you really want to achieve and plan your ways to get it. After you decide on the plans, now put all of your time and effort into it.

6. Surrounding Yourself with Toxic People

Have you watched zombie movies where people get bit by zombies to suck the life out of them? In real life, there are toxic people who are always trying to suck the life out of you just like those zombies you see in the movie. 

Toxic people are people who act negatively by complaining, blaming, starting drama, and so forth.

It is hard to move forward and stay positive in your life if you are surrounded by them. You have to avoid those kinds of people in your life. 

There is no point in having to constantly being bombarded by the toxic negativity from them. Remember that negativity is contagious. 

The more you are around them the more negative your mind can be. Surround your life with positive and successful people.

7. Staying complacent with your condition

Don’t let life make you satisfied with your condition. You need to keep learning and getting experience in order to keep moving forward. Learn something new, learn new skills, and be an open-minded person.

8. Having a vision without execution

Do you have a dream? If you do then that’s great, but merely having a dream is not going to serve you well in life. You need to put your dreams and turn them into a plan. 

If you always keep dreaming about something without having concrete actions then you are just daydreaming. Wake up now and turn your dreams into reality. 

Set clear and attainable goals and work your way up from there.

9. You always think about the fear of rejection

Have you ever thought about what does it feel when getting a rejection by someone? 

The fears of being rejected are normal but let’s face it: we are humans and we will always get rejections at some point in our life. 

Rejection is well… a part of life. You need to grow a thicker skin and don’t see rejection as a failure. 

If you build a company and the clients reject your products it means that you need to reevaluate what’s wrong with your products and fix those problems. 

Be comfortable with rejection and you will not fear it anymore.

10. Over thinking everything and not enjoying life

No matter how bad you want to be successful in life, at the end of the day success means nothing if you have no enjoyment in life. Overthinking everything is bad for you because it makes you not stay in present and only dwell in the past or future. 

You shouldn’t overthink everything. Having bad thoughts about something is okay as long as we can take the measurement to prevent it, but overthinking about what might happen can be detrimental to your success. 

It also makes you sick and affects your health. Having positive thoughts is crucial to success. Don’t dwell on something you can’t control. 

Do your best and forget the rest. Replace your overthinking mind with hopeful thoughts.

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