Skincare Myths;
Top Ten Things That You Should Know

There are myths about skincare that many modern women still believe. It is regrettable because they can actually gain lots of information from reputable health websites. 

There are facts that most women don’t know about protecting their skin face, and they apply wrong methods that lead to a faster aging process. 

So, keep on reading and find these 10 myths about skin care that you might have never heard of. 

1. Soap Can Clean Face and Remove Acne

Scrubbing the face with soap is indeed making a face clean. But, it doesn’t remove the acne. 

Even worse, it doesn’t make the skin healthier. The face contains protective oils, which will be wiped along with the soap. 

Besides, there are bacteria on the skin at all times. Whenever a person is applying soap or even antibacterial soap, the face can be resistant to bacteria. 

Does it mean that antibacterial and regular soap should be avoided? 

The answer is YES. Anti-bacterial soap is good for washing the hands instead of the face. 

Even regular soap should be highly minimized. The best product to clean the face is mild skin foam or milk cleanser. 

Afterward, it is highly recommended to apply moisturizer by night or sunscreen by day.

For your information, acne is caused by the sebum that is produced by the skin. 

This oily substance is not really diminished when washing her face with soap or antibacterial soap. 

So, acne doesn’t relate to the frequency of washing the face. It doesn’t relate to the food that one consumes, either. 

2. Higher Protection from The Higher SPF Level

It seems very logical. The higher level of sun protection level, the better protection that it will provide. However, ultraviolet rays have three different levels. 

The UVA can deeply penetrate the skin, which impacts the pigmentation process for producing a tan. Meanwhile, the UVB is a powerful ray that can bring damage to the skin. 

The result of UVB’s strong and frequent exposure can cause tumors due to the constant photoaging process. 

What about UVC? It is the sunrays that don’t penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. It means the effective SPF cream is the one that can protect the skin from both UVA and UVB. 

Many reputable skincare products offer the best ingredients for protecting the skin. 

It is recommended to find sunscreen protection cream containing either avobenzone, Mexoryl, or oxybenzone. Usually, they are included on SPF 15 and above. 

Even if it is cloudy, applying sunscreen lotion or cream is highly recommended. A cloudy day doesn’t mean that the sun stops shining, right? 

Does it mean that the SPF 30 can bring better protection? Well, based on researches by experts, the protection level doesn’t really bring any major significance. 

However, whenever a person is going to spend hours under the highest sun exposure, it is important to apply SPF 30.  

3. Facials Are The Best Routine for Skin Care

So far, facials, along with microdermabrasion, have been the most popular skincare. 

There is nothing wrong with facials. But, it is not really the best skincare ever. The fact is that frequent series of facial can increase acne breakouts as high as 80%. 

The skin will indeed feel good after the facial and microdermabrasion process. But, such a process is actually getting rid of the skin top layer. 

4. Do All Anti Aging Products Remove Wrinkles?

Almost all popular skincare products offer anti-aging cream or lotion. They claim that they can remove wrinkles. Actually, they can hydrate the skin so the skin will look better. 

Only for the time being, unfortunately. But, there is nothing wrong with buying anti-aging products, as long as you don’t expect too much from them. 

The only substance that can reverse wrinkles or fine lines is topical retinoids, which are only available in certain products. 

So, if you plan to find any anti-aging products, try to find the one containing this substance. 

5. The Best Skin Care Products Are The Most Expensive Ones

It is enough to say that each person has a different skin type. The best one for one person might not suit others’ skin types. 

Expensive skin care products indeed have high-quality ingredients. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they can suit anyone’s skin condition. 

Most of the time, women buy the most expensive ones to show them off to their friends. 

6. Forever Young by Lasers

Laser skin care is good, but it doesn’t guarantee that any woman who undergoes laser surgery will look forever young. 

Wrinkles come up due to several factors that include high sun exposure and lack of water consumption. 

Laser surgery, indeed, can bring significant changes to the skin face. But, it doesn’t mean that it offers a younger look. 

7. Tanned Skin is Healthy

Tanning is good, as long as one doesn’t do it excessively. The risk of having excessive tanning is skin cancer. 

The use of a good level of SPF is good during the tanning process. 

8. Scars Fade Away With Vitamin E

Vitamin E is good for skin health. But, it won’t remove the scars instantly. 

Laser treatment is the answer for those who want to remove scars permanently. 

9. Oily Face Doesn’t Need Moisturizer

Natural oil production is not the main protection for the face skin. The skin needs to be hydrated from moisturizer. 

Oil-free moisturizers are recommended because the face still needs moisturizers. 

10. Tingling Sensation Is The Sign Of The Best Product

This is the worst myth ever! Such sensation is a sign that you should stop using the product. 

When the skin feels burning or hot, then the product might contain ingredients that don’t suit well with the skin. If it happens to you, then you should find other products. 

Or, you can consult your doctor for a better recommendation. 

The main key to having beautiful skin is consuming a good amount of water, eating fruits and veggies regularly, and enjoying your life. 

Don’t forget to exercise daily for the maximum result.

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