10 Smart Ways to Manage Your Mind Thought and Emotion!

As a human, it is normal to have emotions like anger, sadness, upset, and other negative emotions as well as negative thoughts. 

However, if those negative thoughts and emotions are not well managed, they could harm you. 

Therefore, you have to control your mind and emotions and do not let them control you. 

If you are curious about how to manage your mind and emotions, here are 10 ways in how to manage mind thought and emotions that you can try.

1. Take Control of Your Mind

You are the only person who can control your mind, so be master and take control of it. Now, the question is ‘How to take control of my mind?’ the answer is easy. 

First, you have to stop thinking and take a deep breath for a moment. Taking a deep breath allows you to think clearly and make it easier to manage your thoughts.

A study revealed that the human brain needs 90 seconds to fade out the neurochemical triggers and make the brain return to normal chemistry. 

Therefore, if you want to calm down and take control of your thought, try to count down for up to 90 seconds.

2. Focus on your present time

The past is something that you can not change, even though you put a lot of thought into it. 

Meanwhile, the future is something that you can not predict because it is something that has not happened yet. 

Therefore, stop worrying much about your past and future because you can lose control of your mind. Try to focus on where and when you are now. 

You can do a simple thing like sitting on the chair and focus what your feet feel when they touch the floor. 

This act can help you to fade out other thoughts and connect you with your feeling at the moment. Spiritual practices also suggest staying for a while at the moment to encourage your clarity and inner peace.

3. Observing your thoughts objectively

One of 10 ways in how to manage mind thoughts and emotions is by observing your thoughts objectively. Observing your thoughts objectively means you have to observe them without any judgment. 

Try to examine why you have such thoughts and what factors made you lost control. Once again, remember that you have to observe your thoughts objectively without any negative emotions and judgment.

For example, if you fight with another person, do not blame him/her or think about why he/she is angry. 

Instead, try to consider what factors caused the fight, the solution to end the fight, and what things made you upset. 

If you have trouble observing your thoughts, you can write down your thoughts and read them to yourself.

4. Make yourself comfortable

There are many ways to make yourself comfortable, such as listening to relaxing music, having a light candle, or go to your favorite places. 

Besides, you can also use a relaxing scent like chamomile and lavender in your room, because it has been proven that it helps you to take control of your mind.

Furthermore, greenery also helps to make your mind under control and calm down your down. 

You can go to green places like a park, forest, or any other natural environment to calm down and take control of your mind.

5. Do other fun activities

Doing some fun and enjoyable activities can help you to control your thoughts. You can try to do activities that make you immediately move from your seat and fade out your uncontrol thoughts. 

For example, you can watch a movie, listen to relaxing music, go for a run, or just hang out with your friends.

Then, if you finally found the perfect activity that helps you to control your mind, write it down and work for it into your weekly routine. 

Although it is such a temporary solution, it is necessary to help you control your mind.

6. Do not react immediately

When you are emotionally triggered, do not react immediately. 

It is because if you say or do something in that condition, it will make you regret what you have said or done later. Therefore, you have to calm yourself first.

You can take a deep breath and normalize your heart rate. Keep taking a deep breath for at least 5 minutes to return your normal heart rate and relaxing your muscles. 

Then, if you are calming down, say to yourself that it is only a temporary condition and passed.

7. Ask guidance from the God

If you have a really difficult situation and feel you can not handle it anymore, then ask God for the best solutions. 

It will help you to make your problem easier. It is because if you believe that God is bigger than your problems, it helps you to find the best path to overcome your obstacles.

It also helps you to calm down your emotions, by closing your eyes, thinking of the positive solution,  and pray to God for the best solutions.

8. Change your negative thoughts with the positive one

When you are in negative emotions, your brain encourages your mind to think about negative thoughts. Therefore, you have to replace them with positive thoughts. 

How to do it? For example, you can think about something or someone that makes you happy and smile. It helps you to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

9. Release your emotions

After you successfully manage your emotions, then you have to release your emotions healthily. It is not suggested to keep your emotions all by yourself. 

Try to meet your friends or anybody that you trust and tell them what happened. Telling your stories to others may help you to ease your burdens and awareness.

You can also write down your emotions in your journal about what happened. Besides, you can also try to do aggressive exercises, such as martial arts, kickboxing, to release your emotions. 

Many people have found it helpful to discharge their emotions. However, you can perform any positive activities that suit you well to release your emotions.

10. Positive thinking

The last way of 10 ways in how to manage mind thought and emotions is being positive thinking. 

When you have positive thinking, your brain will always order you to the right way, as well as positive emotions and thoughts.

Well, those are the 10 ways in how to manage mind thought, and emotion that you can try. Good luck!

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