Stop Believing These 10 Lies That Are Keeping You Unsuccessful, So You Can Be Successful

Whether it is all about boosting your productivity, earning more money, becoming well-known experts, or any other success measurements, everyone wants to be successful, at least to some degree.

Yet, the bitter pills of reality are real: Stress, burnouts, exhaustions, are all real, including in the business world. Sometimes, those bitter pills have been integral parts of our daily lives that we begin to accept as “normal”.

Sooner or later, we may fall into lies that are keeping us unsuccessful. These lists of 10 lies are some of the most common ones we’ve heard over time:

1. Always Believe That You Are The #1

There was once an old adage that stated we live in a dog-eat-dog world. Such old adages still exist today that there are tons of articles, videos, workshops, and others about self-confidence, sometimes in the wrong way.

Most of the time, people are becoming too over-confident that they become easy to blame the other parties for their fault and forget not to be compassionate. Don’t be such a person if you want to experience success.

2. Winners Never Quit Accomplishing

The fact that some worldly cultures glorify intense emotions such as enthusiasm, and the presence of media stories about overnight successes and people who keep on trying, seems to support this myth of success.

In fact, sometimes strategic quitting is all that you need. By quitting at the right time, you preserve your calmness and happiness. You will also be more able to develop healthy lifestyles, physically and mentally.

3. If You’re Successful, Then You Will Feel Happier

Up until now, people tend to tie successes with money, and according to them, money can buy happiness.

The fact is that happiness can’t be bought. Many types of research have proved the more successful people are, the more haters they face. So, no matter how successful you are or you feel now, choose to be happy.

4. Success Will Make Your Problems Go Away

Successful people can appear to have “easier” problems because they have developed strategies and resources to deal with their problems.

So, it’s not their problems that become “easier” – in fact, they are harder as people climb higher to the success ladders. After all, problems are inevitable parts of everyday life, including in business settings.

5. Don’t Trust People If You Want To Succeed

The business world is so cerebral that sometimes people forget how important having a big heart is.

Successful people trust others more than those who are less successful, as long as they are not overdoing it. By being forgiving and cooperative, they earn more money than those who ignore their heart functions.

6. No Need For Changes To Be Successful

Being successful means learning from past mistakes. Yet, there are people who fail too much that they believe they have to repeat their failures for the sake of failure to be successful.

Instead of becoming like them, you should be aware of what mistakes should you learn and when can you learn those. Then, you have to make some tweaks to the mistakes that you should fix.

7. You Need To Be An Expert In Your Niche

People who embrace falsified opinions, such as play by the rules, align your works with your talents, immerse yourself in only one area that you master, and many others more, are prone to fool you by this lie.

Instead of sticking to what you know, you should be ready to learn what you don’t know. The search engines help a lot in eliminating excuses for not learning your non-niches.

Be good to yourself, stop being self-critical, and don’t be afraid to be innovative and unpredictable. Doing so will improve your excellence in the face of challenges as well as developing new skills that can be useful to your businesses.

8. Network Your Way To The Top

Extroverts are so great at networking, and they dominate the world’s population, that networking becomes one of the most common things (and lies) we hear in terms to be “successful”.

Networking is different than building friendships. Networking focuses on gaining as many benefits as possible while building lasting friendships means giving what you can give.

Aim to build friendships instead of merely networking. After all, many kinds of research have shown that friendships go hand-in-hand with being successful. For example, the more friends (and acquaintances) you make, the more likely you are referred to when you’re looking for jobs.

9. Always Focus On The Future And The Things You Want To Do Next

Many online and offline published business media are emphasizing the future outlooks that most people are easily fooled to always be focused on the future.

This is the reason why some people are achieving lesser happiness in doing their jobs. Not stopping there, they lose the ability to connect with important people of their lives and be less productive and focused at work.

You don’t want to chew the same bitter pills as they do. Instead, you want to perform better in your job and see your improvements from there. So, you should enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

10. You Can’t Have Success Without Stress

Stresses, as with problems, maybe, and indeed are, the inevitable parts of daily lives. Yet, it is never the excuse for living in overdrive or getting addicted to coffee, and adrenaline rushes when at work.

Research has shown more than 80% of doctor visits are the result of getting too much stress, including being addicted to coffee, adrenaline rushes, and other dangerous substances.

Even though you can’t change or avert the problems or stresses at hand, you can change the ways you handle the stressors. For example, you can try breathing exercises to train your nervous systems’ resilience.

These 10 lies that are keeping you unsuccessful are not worthy to be trusted upon.

Keep yourself away from people who tell even one of these 10 lies that are keeping you unsuccessful. Instead, surround yourself with positive-minded people so you can be successful.

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