Most Promising 10 Hobbies That Make Money in Today’s Trend

Do you know the list of the 10 hobbies that make money in today’s technological trend, and one of them is probably your hobby?  

Or maybe, if you are now interested in making some extra cash in your free time, why not take advantage of your own hobby on the list to help you get started?

Before exploring the list of the 10 hobbies that make money, almost anyone has a hobby they do in their spare time or for fun, including sports, cooking, gardening, and many more.  

Not only are hobbies useful for managing stress and making someone happy, but they can also be a good source of income. 

In fact, in today’s digital trend, many people have started a money-making business from their own hobby.  

If you are interested, various types of hobbies can make money, and maybe one of them is yours.  

Here are some of the hobby choices that are most promising in terms of income and are also a good opportunity to be used as a portfolio if one day you want to apply for a job.  

So, the most promising 10 hobbies that make money in today’s trend include:

1. Writer

One promising hobby to help you earn some extra cash for fun and professionally in writing.  

You can pursue your writing hobby by becoming a professional writer to publish your writings for online magazines or become an editor.  

In addition, writing a decent article requires a great deal of practice and effort, and persistence.  

It also requires consistency and fresh ideas that will attract many readers.

2. Photography

Everybody loves taking pictures.  

With photography, there are various business opportunities you can try with this hobby, such as being a photographer for important moments such as weddings, being a company photographer, or selling your photos online.  

You can sell your photos through your personal website or your social media so that it can be a portfolio, as well as a free promotional venue.

3. Gamings

Thanks to technology, playing games today can also become a hobby that can make a fortune.  

Nowadays, gamers or game enthusiasts are increasingly being encouraged to become professional gamers through e-sports programs.  

The prizes can even reach $15,000 per tournament in one game tournament, with a monthly regular pay of $3,000. 

4. Handicrafts

Making handicrafts is another promising hobby for you to make money on.  Take your self-made creations to the next level by marketing them online.  

They don’t need to be lavish and complicated.  Your handicrafts should be attractive, have a function, or have and artistic value.  

Most people make their handicrafts simple like candles, keychains, magnets, and many more.

5. Music

Music is considered one of the most popular hobbies.  If you are good at using one musical instrument or doing vocal processing, this hobby can obviously earn you extra cash.  

You can either record your own music and upload it on social media for many people to hear, or you can also play music at a church, wedding venue and even perform live at bars and restaurants. 

6. Cooking

Cooking is another favorite activity that can definitely make a profit.  If you are good at making unique and delicious food creations, you can consider selling and promoting them on free blogs and social media.  

If you do not intend to sell your food, you can share your recipe by uploading a video of your cooking on YouTube or Instagram to get more subscribers or followers. 

7. Blogging

Another writing skill and hobby you can utilize is our writing on a personal site or blog.  If the blog you create is interesting and famous enough, you can also get income from that blog.  

It would help if you were consistent in uploading content on your personal blog.  Make your writing as attractive as possible so that your personal blog has a lot of traffic or visitors.  

One of the services that bloggers usually use is Google Adsense.  Or, you can also become a blogger and brand ambassador for certain brands such as Red Bull, Canon, Adidas, and many more.

8. Gardening

It is now becoming a new lifestyle where food gardening is a primary need and becomes a big business industry when it comes to gardening.  

Some people also cultivate and sell ornamental plants.  Many people even love this hobby.  This caused the price of plants to increase.

9. Illustration and Graphic Design

With today’s technology, visuals are everything because they can convey messages and information that potential customers easily absorb.  

So, if you are good at creating illustrations and doing graphic designs, then there’s a good chance you can make a profit out of it to potential clients.  

You can also try to make a fortune out of this hobby through applications such as Adobe Stock, Fiverr, and others.

10. Sports and Fitness

Sports is not only an activity to make your body fit, but this type of hobby is also promising as a business.  

You can open a gym or a sports shop and become a fitness instructor, such as yoga, Zumba, or aerobics.  

Hence, making this hobby a business proves to be quite promising since public awareness of exercising increases day by day. More people need sports equipment, instructors, and a place to exercise.


Those are the promising 10 hobbies that make money, especially in today’s modern technology.  

If you feel that working behind an office desk is a bit boring, then there is nothing wrong with starting a profit in your hobby that you will enjoy while making extra cash.  

Therefore, if used properly, these hobbies mentioned above can be profit-making and a great business opportunity.  

So, besides channeling your hobby to get rid of your stress, why not channeling it to make a profit online?

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