Practice These 10 Habits So You Will Be Able To Lose Your Weight

Many people said losing weight is something that happens a lot more difficult than gaining weight.

Indeed, losing weight can take more time than gaining weight, especially when you have baby fats or your bone density is higher than normal.

At the same time, we can’t blame genetics or even make lame excuses for not losing weight. This especially applies if one of our resolutions is to obtain the ideal body type by losing weight.

Losing weight is all about habits. If it’s all about habits, we should set our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits to practice those habitual patterns every day. 

These are 10 habits that can lose weight:

1. Practice Mindfulness Every Morning

As the adage says, the mind is the starting point of magic, and so does the relations between mindfulness and losing weight. 

In fact, practicing to increase our thoughts and feelings’ awareness by doing mindfulness exercises at least five minutes every day will improve the likelihood of losing weight. 

So, staying calm and enjoying the present moment will help you in reaching your weight loss goals.

2. Drink Water On Regular Basis

Many types of research have proved that people who drink water regularly lose their weight faster than those who don’t. 

Your appetite and food intake will decrease as you drink water regularly for at least an hour. 

Drink 1-2 glasses (es) of water every day to increase lost weight.

3. Logging Consumptions And Weighing Regularly

If you have any forms of journals with you, now is the time to use them to record your consumption, in other words, your daily foods and drinks, and your weights regularly. 

Doing so will make you more accountable for your weight loss goals. After all, you will see your food and drink records before you eat too much. 

You will also learn to monitor your weight progresses every day and every time you wake up.

4. Avoid Eating Too Much

Many people have proved that one of the keys to any successful weight loss program is to avoid eating too much. 

Since eating is a part of humans’ primary needs, it is not uncommon to feel tempted to nibble while doing other activities, such as cooking. It is also common for high-calorie foods to appear more tempting. 

Please resist the temptation, balance them with your daily activities, and you are sure to reach your weight loss goals.

5. Be Careful With Snacks

Snack times can act as double-edged swords in weight loss goals, depending on how you treat snacks. 

Minimize excessive snacks where possible. If it’s not possible to completely avoid snacks, morning is the best time to have them. 

In doing so, you should make sure your morning snacks are nutritious – in this case; the snacks contain complex carbohydrates and proteins, and fats in tiny amounts.

6. Make Time For Exercising

Almost all types of exercises play a huge part in losing weight. At least one hour of exercise every day has proved to be possible in shedding some disturbing pounds in people’s bodies. 

Routine exercises can also stabilize blood sugar levels. As a result, negative symptoms that can hinder diets, such as excessive fits of hunger, will be minimized. 

We recommend you to try aerobic exercises at different times each day since these forms of exercise have been proven to be effective in many weight loss programs.

7. Limit “Lazy Times” In Front Of The Television

Of all the available media, televisions have the most potentials for people to be overweight since they are not interactive with people’s motor systems. 

It’s not that you should ignore the need to watch your favorite Netflix shows or keep abreast of the world’s current news. 

You should limit your “lax times” for 2-3 hours a day at a maximum so your weight loss goals will be achieved.

8. Change Your Transportation Methods

If driving has been your favorite transportation method, now is the time to change to other more active transportation methods, such as walking or cycling. 

Some studies have proved that people who walk or bike tend to have lower BMI and body fat percentages than those who take private transportation methods such as cars. 

At the same time, don’t change your transportation methods all of a sudden. 

Start with once a week of walking and cycling, especially if your goals are nearer to your current standing places. Then, escalate to twice a week, thrice a week, and so on. 

Start with goals nearer to your house. Go further as you escalate your frequencies of walking and cycling.

9. Make Sure You Have Enough Time To Sleep

Here, the standard of having “enough time to sleep” is a full 8-hour sleep on the night. 

Failing to do so can cause sleep deprivation. Next, sleep deprivation will cause you to get tempted to “do activities” in the night, and chewing some “extra” snacks “just a little bit more” is no exception. 

Such acts can hinder you from reaching your weight loss goals. You don’t want these to happen. So, make sure you have enough time to sleep.

10. Get Some Adequate Support Systems

Finally, your weight loss goals will be harder to achieve if you don’t have adequate support systems. Support systems can come anywhere, online and offline. 

Be sure to surround yourself with well-intentioned people, especially those who encourage you to do your hobbies, instead of covering lame excuses with other lame excuses on bringing your confidence down.

In the end, we can’t stress enough the importance of being sure to practice these 10 habits that can lose weight regularly. 

If you have technology aids such as health-based mobile applications, it’s better to turn on your phones and automate your mobile applications if possible. 

The algorithm it uses will keep track of your weight loss goals. Eventually, you will be closer to your weight loss goals.

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