9 Things to Do for a Stronger Immune System

The immune system performs a defense mechanism to protect our body from illnesses. 

This system consists of chemicals and proteins that help beat viruses, bacteria, and even parasites that can make your body weak. 

Trying 10 ways to boost the immune system helps you to have a healthy and stronger body.

By having a strong immune system, you have a lower risk of getting sick. 

You can make several efforts to make your immune system even stronger, and they should be incorporated into your daily routine.

• Keeping the belly healthy

Many health problems appear because people don’t know what they eat and what happens inside their belly. 

Even most of the immune system is in the belly. That’s why those who practice diet-rich antioxidants and raw foods are healthier. 

These kinds of foods not only improve good bacteria in your belly but also lower the risk of suffering from inflammation.

Most importantly, it helps to build a stronger immune system. To promote a healthier belly, you can consume more foods rich in fiber, such as veggies, fruits, and foods containing healthy fats. 

Inside your belly, there is a liver, and you can keep it functionally during blood filtering or toxins removal by eating green veggies such as kale and broccoli.

• Practice hygiene habits

When you are less caring or ignorant about hygiene, it often risks you to various health problems. There are many important hygiene habits that you can practice daily. 

For instance, wash the regularly within twenty seconds, especially after you come out from the bathroom. 

By washing hands a couple of times a day, you effectively reduce the spread of germs or microbes left in your hands after doing activities.

Then, take a shower after finishing workouts because the sweat stick to your body provides a good place for bacteria and fungus to develop. 

This condition often leads to breakout as well, especially for those who have sensitive skin. 

Not to mention the odd smell that causes others uncomfortable. 

• Do workout regularly

Making your body keeps active is effective in reducing the risk of suffering from severe diseases, like cardiovascular disease and fatty liver, while promoting stronger bones. 

By doing physical activities, you help to get rid of bacteria from your body and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. 

You don’t need to do a hard workout; allocate 20 to 30 minutes a day to do so is enough.

• Having vitamin intake

Taking some vitamins helps to boost your immune system. For instance, vitamin C has the ability to defend your body and protecting it from free radicals and other pollutants causing health issues. 

Getting vitamin C intake can be done by consuming a wide variety of foods rich in it, such as oranges, kiwis, or grapes.

Having vitamins is both good for your immune system but also your bones. It helps to avoid any bad respiratory problems. Our sun is known to be the greatest vitamin D source. 

Just go out in the morning for about 10 minutes to help your body producing vitamin D naturally for those who have fair skin. 

How long you should receive sun exposure actually is related to the melanin level on your skin.

To have great and flawless hair, get enough vitamin E intake by consuming seeds, various nuts, or spinach. 

Moreover, keep your brain and nerve system healthy by eating foods containing vitamin B6, such as fish, chicken, and green vegetables.

• Maintain your stress

Stress can occur both socially and physically, and whatever it is, it brings bad effects to your body. 

This is the reason why reducing stress becomes one of 10 ways to boost the immune system. 

When you are under stress, your body response to it by producing a higher level of cortisol and cytokines that cause inflammation.

That condition reduces white blood cells usually protects your body from infection. Thus, it increases the risk of getting a cold.  

Unfortunately, stress is such a common thing in our life and can happen at any time. For so, it is important to learn how to maintain it and how to alleviate it soon. 

You can do many things to manage it, such as doing something you like or eating your favorite foods.

• Get enough sleep

When your sleeping pattern messes up, there will be some changes in your body. Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to keep it healthy. 

Overnight sleeping helps to renew the cells and proteins in the body. Those who lack sleeping is riskier to catch a cold and screw up their fitness.

• Keep positive thinking

The power of thought is true since the mental state affects the physical health and immune system. 

By always being positive, you reduce the possibility of suffering from degenerative diseases like heart attack, although you bring risk factors from your family. 

If you cannot control your negative emotions, it soon weakens the immune system.

• Quit smoking

Cigarettes contain carcinogens and nicotine that not only weaken the immune system but also damage your body. 

The chemicals in cigarettes can harm the tissues in the esophagus and start to damage your lung. Your body will be more prone to infection and many health issues.

It has bad effects on your appearance as well. The smoke triggers premature aging, so it accelerates the appearance of fine lines and turns your skin into dull looks. 

Not to mention, your teeth that change into yellow and sometimes dark color.

• Perform deep breath technique

The deep breathing technique is renowned for being effective in stimulating lymph flow. 

This can be done by doing slow yet controlled breathing using your diaphragm. 

Doing deep breathing helps the lymph performs its job to transport blood cells all over the body appropriately.

Wrapping Up

Boosting the immune system will make your body stronger in fighting any risk factors causing health issues. 

If you want it to keep doing the best jobs in protecting and nurturing your body, you have to try 10 ways to boost the immune system.

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