7 Benefits of Mantra Meditation to Upgrade Your Health

The word mantra is always associated with a certain religion in the world. Yet mantras have a more universal meaning than just being something that is owned by certain people. 

In general, a mantra is a hymn to preach the almighty god in several religions. Mantra also has meaning as words or utterances that are pronounced in tones that have sacred meanings in them.

There are many ways for people to seek peace in their minds and heart. We have known meditation for a long time, it is one of the most effective ways to achieve peacefulness. Then mantra meditation arose, a combination that became a more effective way of seeking that peace with greater cosmic energy.

Mantra meditation is a spiritual and religious activity that you can find in several religious traditions. Each religion has its own method of practicing mantra meditation. 

This meditation involves the process of reciting certain mantras which have been shown to provide positive benefits for the practitioner. Mantra meditation is also common in ancient yoga practices.

Several syllables and phrases will be chanted, sung, whispered repeatedly while concentrating on the mind while mantra meditation is being practiced. Since a long time ago, people of ancient times have used mantra meditation as a way to attain a state where we are safe so we can attain bright nirvana. 

Nowadays, the main objective of mantra meditation is to obtain greater cosmic energy so that our efforts to achieve oneness with God can be carried out perfectly. 

Believe it or not, it is the chanting of that voice that mediates us to achieve harmony between our own individual soul and the greater cosmic soul. Our self will be separated from worldly things even if only for a moment.

Chanting these mantras will become a habit when we do it often. In this way, without you knowing it, these holy mantras will work to cleanse the negative energy within you. 

Positive energy will then slowly come to you, filling your mind and soul. Faith and persistence to practice mantra meditation is the key to the success of this meditation.

Now you may be thinking, what mantras should I chant while doing the meditation mantra? Hinduism and Buddhism have several chants which their followers use in performing mantra meditation. Take for example ‘OM’, which is the most basic mantra in Hinduism. 

‘OM’ is pronounced as ‘Aum’ which means ‘to become’. This mantra is a primal mantra that is usually chanted at the beginning of all other mantras. ‘OM’ sound frequency produces a frequency that corresponds to the frequency produced by the natural sound from the earth.

Apart from ‘OM’, there are also other mantras like ‘Hare Krishna’ which are popularized by the Bengal Vaishnava school of religion. This mantra will be recited repeatedly to worship the God Krishna or the god of protection and preservation of the universe. 

These mantras have another positive benefit for us. Here are 7 benefits of mantra meditation to increase your knowledge of how good it is to start practicing this type of meditation.

1. Relieves Anxiety and Depression

The first benefit that will be explained in the article entitled 7 benefits of mantra meditation is to relieve anxiety and depression. 

There have been many studies that show how some of these meditators experience a reduction in their physical stress and psychological stress that often occurs when anxiety strikes. 

When our mind is filled with anxiety and fear, all you have to get when experiencing this state is a calm mind. Do this mantra meditation practice regularly with your mantra, then the calm mind will be yours.

2. Increase Positive Emotions

The second benefit of the 7 benefits of mantra meditation is an increase in the positive emotions of a person. Many people want to reduce their emotions. This is the right thing to do if the emotions that are being suppressed are negative ones. 

But you must keep your positive emotions in yourself, even increase them. The positive emotion is a sense of gratitude for what we have today. This gratitude is associated with loving-kindness meditation which in practice says gratitude over and over again, the same is done with mantra meditation.

3. Increase the Sense of Belonging to Fellow Humans

When we do something with many people, there will be a sense of togetherness that exists without we realize. Likewise with doing mantra meditation with several people. 

When you decide to meditate as a group, you will feel much more involved, this is what increases the sense of belonging to one another. You are part of the community.

4. Creating Spiritual Health

The fourth benefit of the 7 benefits of mantra meditation is that it creates spiritual health. A human being can be said to be in a state of peace in their life when their mind, body, and soul are in the same line. 

We will take care of the body by exercising. Likewise, with the soul and mind, we also have to take care of these two important things. With mantra meditation, you improve your mental and that you will become a completely peaceful person.

5. Better Respiratory Control

Mantra meditation trains you to regulate your breathing is the fifth of the 7 benefits of mantra meditation.

Repeating the mantra while meditating will help you find the correct breathing rhythm. Indeed, getting used to this takes time, but do it regularly so the process will be easier.

6. Relieves Pain in Joints

Research from Elizabeth Monk-Turner gathered several teenage meditators and non-meditators to research the topic of the sixth of the 7 benefits of this meditation mantra. 

The meditator group meditated for 14 weeks. This study found that there was a decrease in joint pain felt by the meditators, whereas previously 17% of meditators often felt pain more than 4 times a week.

7. Increase Subconscious Awareness

Sometimes we forget that our subconscious is something that also determines what actions we will take. The last benefit of the 7 benefits of mindfulness meditation is that it helps us to open up into the deeper state of ourselves. 

Our subconscious is connected to the universe out there. We will realize that there is a greater power to rule our lives.



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