Stop Doing These 10 Things So You Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Given their innovative ideas and penchant for independent thinking, entrepreneurs have become rock stars in the modern era who aim to create successful businesses.

As a consequence, spending time to answer emails, make decisions, develop products, close sales, and many more, have been consistent habits of every entrepreneur.

Still, there are plenty of bad habits that have huge potentials in slowing down or even reversing business progresses. For example, pay attention to the 10 things every entrepreneur should stop doing as we mentioned below:

1. Having The “It’s All About Me” Mentality

Entrepreneurs can suffer from this mentality because more often than not, they are so focused on the pitching, convincing, and selling aspects of the entrepreneurship world.

However, it’s completely not nice to always talk about yourself and not giving time to acknowledge other people’s successes, especially when you fail. Doing so will only confirm people’s negative perceptions about you, such as being self-centered and oblivious.

2. Glorifying Over-Working And Eliminating All Downtimes

This one of the 10 things every entrepreneur should stop doing occurs because the business worlds tend to emphasize higher payouts when people work more than the average standard.

This also leads some people, including entrepreneurs, to glorify over-working and eliminate all downtimes, even though some of them realize entrepreneurs need downtimes for relaxing and re-energizing themselves.

Unfortunately, doing these will create more health problems that can hinder you from managing your businesses effectively, such as weaker immune systems, heart attacks, and addictions to coffee and other substances.

3. Comparing Yourself And Your Businesses To Others

The growth of social media presence has caused thousands of “unbelievable” success stories to emerge, from the beach selfie photos of entrepreneurs to the zero-to-30 million-in-30-days success stories. 

Hence, it’s easy to get tempted in comparing yourself and your businesses to others.

Therefore, to stop doing these, you should limit your social media usages as much as possible. Instead, focus on your achievements, learn to be thankful for what you have, and remind yourself that your perceptions are not always the realities.

4. Judging And Condemning 9-To-5 Workers And Using Buzzwords To Appear Self-Confident

Even as starting entrepreneurs, you may be familiar with buzzwords such as data mining, monetization, growth hacking, and the like. 

Yet, it’s never the right decision to overuse the buzzwords just so you appear more self-confident.

More so when you judge and condemn 9-to-5 workers. Just because you march to different drums doesn’t mean you’re better than those who choose to be 9-to-5 workers.

5. Being The “Yes Man” To Everyone

Chronic stresses, anxieties, depressions, and other mental health-related issues are usually triggering to be the “yes man”. 

In the end, though, is the “yes man” to everyone leads you to become weak and overly accommodating. Learn to negotiate, as this will increase your values in the eyes of your stakeholders.

If necessary, don’t be afraid to say no and voice out your opinions. Doing things that you love the most also helps in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

6. Letting Distractions Dominate Your Businesses

While distractions are inevitable parts of everyday lives, you shouldn’t let them overtake your businesses. 

There can be many examples of distractions, from stalking people’s social media accounts and reading on your idols’ profiles to excessive emailing to coworkers.

Still, the very acts in letting those distractions dominate your businesses will not only decrease your productivity. 

University research has also proved that those will decrease your IQ points by 10 every time you get distracted. So, it’s wise to minimize distractions when working.

7. Waiting For The Wrong Things At The Wrong Times

Another one of the 10 things every entrepreneur should stop doing is having too many waiting times. It’s not that entrepreneurs shouldn’t wait. Instead, waiting for the wrong things at the wrong times is always unwise.

Some examples of the things you don’t want to wait for are taking action, investing in yourself and your teams, analyzing data, and making cold calls to prospects. 

Putting these off at the last minute causes panic, and panic causes you to be unable to make unwise decisions.

8. Having Problems With Your Schedules

“Problems” with schedules here means either you become too tied down to your to-do lists or living up with chaotic and inconsistent schedules. You should learn to build a routine that works for you. 

At the same time, don’t forget to make time in doing small yet valuable things that may be miss from your to-do lists, such as greeting your teammates who have difficult times in doing their projects.

9. Having Too Much Of A Multitasking

Multitasking happens because some people plunge into the markets too soon. 

Thus, they can’t enjoy the processes in building and sustaining businesses because they always have needed to do several tasks at once to feel “normal”.

Stop becoming like them, for you can end up being unable to prioritize the right things and procrastinating on more complex issues. After all, multitasking can result in mediocre results in your business projects.

10. Measuring Your Works In Wrong Ways

The different choices of business measurements that are present in the entrepreneurship world make some people go too far by measuring their businesses according to what they feel personal about their businesses, instead of how should their businesses do to be running well.

Instead of focusing on email open rates and numbers of downloads, start focusing on customer engagement, content shares, and the percentages of converted leads. 

If you happen to be a team leader, focus on employee retention, productivity, and generally, other things that you have direct responsibility for as the founder and/or the leader of your businesses.

In the end, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should stop doing those above-mentioned 10 things.

Additionally, don’t try to fit yourself in stereotypical boxes of entrepreneurs even though there are tons of people who try to define entrepreneurs by their social roles. 

Instead, focus on your goals and set your sights on skyrocketing your abilities to get things done faster.

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